Outstanding Mechanical Engineers - 2011

Since 1991 the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and its faculty have recognized alumni who have demonstrated exemplary accomplishments and leadership in industry, academia, and governmental service. Over the years 217 alumni have been honored with the prestigious Outstanding Mechanical Engineer award.

Our 2011 honorees’ experiences include, but are not limited to, detection for emerging global health and environmental needs, design engineering and product management, locomotives and wireless systems, rotordynamics, vibracoustics, system simulations, heat exchange design, aircraft engine, gas turbines and generators, development of medical devices, engine combustion and emissions controls and diagnostic systems. Our award recipients also lend time and talent to their communities as well as to our nation. The following pages highlight individual accomplishments and personal reflections on their Purdue engineering education and professional experience.

The faculty of the School of Mechanical Engineering is honored to introduce Juan M. de Bedout, Carolyn A. Fries, Steve J. Gray, Mark E. Groskreutz, Ziqiang Hu, Steven L. Plee, and Richard E. Stamper. Please join me in congratulating our 2011 Outstanding Mechanical Engineers.

Anil K. Bajaj
William E. and Florence E. Perry Head and
Alpha P. Jamison Professor of Mechanical Engineering