ME Undergraduate Student Organizations

In addition to the hundreds of student organizations across campus, there are several student organizations that are targeted specifically toward students in Mechanical Engineering.

PMEA group

Purdue Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors

The Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors act as delegates of the Purdue Mechanical Engineering program in promoting unity amount students, faculty, alumni, family, and organizations, as well as reaching out to prospective students, all in an attempt to bridge the Purdue Mechanical Engineering program to the local and global engineering world.


Pi Tau Sigma

Pi Tau Sigma is a Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, instituted in order to establish a closer bond of fellowship among its members which will result in mutual benefit to those men and women in the study and in the profession of mechanical engineering. Pi Tau Sigma's core values are: Integrity (soundness of character and moral conduct), Service (serving the mechanical engineering profession and the community), and Leadership (being foremost and fostering initiative through example in a professional manner). 


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Purdue University Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) strives for excellence in all facets of the School of Mechanical Engineering for all of its constituents, mainly the student body. Being the only professional mechanical engineering society on campus, we are committed to helping our 200+ members and mechanical engineering students realize their potential and prepare them to be successful in a professional environment. To do this effectively, our chapter has created committees designed to attract and develop a diverse range of skill sets.


Formula SAE

Purdue University is recognized world-wide for its excellent engineering program. Members of the Purdue Formula SAE team create a well-designed car each year by combining the theory learned in class with hands-on skills. Students utilize engineering skills and state of the art tools to design and verify the new car. Our team is comprised primarily of mechanical engineering students, but we also welcome students from other majors.


Baja in front of hte Purdue fountain

Baja SAE

At Purdue, Baja SAE means a year spent designing, building, testing, and finally racing an off-road vehicle. The competition give us the opportunity to apply the concepts we have learned in class to a real-world problem. We are exposed to many design techniques, like CAD and FEA. We must also excel in teamwork, planning, and advertising.
In the end, all the hard work pays off when we race a machine we can be proud of against other universities from around the world.