Heat bubbles rising

Nucleate pool boiling at the Cooling Technologies Research Center


Heat Transfer   

Heat Transfer impacts nearly every area of industry, which is why Purdue hosts numerous laboratories dedicated to studying, enhancing, and pioneering new methods of heat transfer and energy conversion.  With this research, Purdue is answering the challenging questions:

  • How will we cool the avionics of future spacecraft?
  • What can make solar-powered energy more feasible?
  • Where does heat transfer improve on engine or battery performance?
  • How can nanomanufacturing create better electronics?
  • Can thermal therapy create new treatments for disease?
Thermoelectrics for automotive waste heat recovery


Critical heat flux in microgravity (testing on the 'vomit comet')


Faculty in Heat Transfer

  • Biomolecular nanomanufacturing
  • DNA origami and self-assembly
  • Optical nanoscopy and nanosensors
  • Bioinspired nanomechanical systems
  • Nanoscale energy conversion
  • High-performance cooling technologies
  • Thermal microsystems
  • Energy efficiency in computing and electronics
  • Micro- and nano-scale transport phenomena
  • Solar thermal energy storage
  • Materials processing
  • Biotransport phenomena
  • Cell-fluid-matrix interaction
  • Biopreservation of engineered tissue
  • Thermal therapy for cancer
  • Drug delivery
  • Nanoscale thermal transport and energy conversion
  • Electronics cooling and thermal management
  • Novel nanostructured materials and devices
  • Heat transfer
  • Boiling and two-phase flow
  • Materials processing
  • Electronic cooling
  • Thermal management of aerospace systems
  • Nuclear reactor safety
  • Energy storage and conversion (batteries, fuel cells)
  • Mesoscale physics and stochastics
  • Reactive transport, materials, processing, and microstructure interactions
  • Scalable nanomanufacturing: lithography and imaging
  • Optical and magnetic data storage
  • Nanoscale energy conversion, transfer and storage for alternative energy
  • Nanoscale heat transfer and energy conversion
  • Multiscale multiphysics simulations of nanomaterials for energy applications
  • Photovoltaic nanomaterials: simulation, synthesis, and devices
  • Thermoelectric nanomaterials: simulation, synthesis and devices
  • Nanoscale thermal radiation and nano-photonics
  • Multiphase combustion, particularly related to propellants, explosives, and pyrotechnics
  • Nanoscale composite energetic materials
  • Advanced energetic materials
  • Microscale combustion
  • Desalination & Water Treatment
  • Water-Food-Energy Nexus
  • Thermofluids
  • Nanotechnology
  • Membrane Science
  • Heat transfer, particularly nano-scale and ultrafast heat transfer
  • Ultrafast laser materials processing and diagnostics
  • Nano-optics and laser-based nano-lithography

Research Areas