First-Year Engineering at Purdue

The First-Year Engineering (FYE) Program of the School of Engineering Education is the entry point for all beginning engineering students. The mission of this student-oriented program is to advise, prepare, and retain outstanding students for degree programs in Purdue's College of Engineering.

Advising Information

A. Talk to an FYE Advisor

B.  FYE Requirements

C. Registration portal (, including MyPurduePlan

D. Transition to Major (T2M) process

E. Think Summer

Entering First-Year Engineering

A.  New Student FAQs

B.  Information for Transfer Students

C.  CODO (change of major) from other programs at Purdue

Engineering Schools and Disciplines

A.  Degree Programs and four-year plans of study

B.  Learn about Engineering disciplines

Help and Resources

A. Academic Help and Tutoring

B. Career Planning for FYE Students

C. University Resources

D. Sources for Personal Help

E. ENE Facilities - the Ideas to Innovations Laboratory

F. Information about the Engineering Honors Program

G. Engineering Student Organizations


A. Opportunities and Activities for Students