Tutorials and Tutoring

Free Tutoring Available

NEW! Purdue ME is now able to provide free tutoring for most ME core courses! Tutoring sessions are handled through BoilerConnect and are held in person. Make an appointment today at BoilerConnect (select "Polytech, ECE & ME Tutoring," and then select "ME Tutoring").

Pi Tau Sigma

Pi Tau Sigma coordinates one-on-one tutoring with current ME students who have demonstrated mastery in the course(s) they tutor. There is an hourly fee to utilize these tutors. Neither the School of Mechanical Engineering nor Pi Tau Sigma hires or vets the tutors on this list. The list is provided for informational purposes only. Students and tutors are responsible for working out scheduled, payment details, etc.

Click here for a list of Pi Tau Sigma tutors, and how to contact them!

Tutorial Rooms

Tutorial rooms (ME 2134, ME 2138, and ME 2142) are staffed by faculty and graduate students. No appointments are needed and no cost is associated. Schedules for tutorial rooms are updated on a semester basis.

Room ME2134 schedule (ME 200, ME 274)

Room ME2138 schedule (ME 270, ME 300, ME 315, ME 413, ME 617)

Room ME2142 schedule (ME 323, ME 354)

Additional Tutorial Services

The Academic Success Center has published a list of tutoring services across campus to meet the needs of students. Learn more about these resources by clicking here