Short Term Engineering Program (STEP) Abroad

Faculty-led (Departmental) STEPs Abroad are fast-paced, unique international experiences typically lasting from one to six weeks. Credits earned vary by program, and most will involve a combination of industry visits, lectures, site visits, class work, and visits to tourist destinations. These programs may take place during Spring Break, May/Summer or Winter Break. Students will earn one to six credits depending on program length and academic content. 

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STEP Abroad Programs 

Winter Break

India - International Perspectives in Water Sciences and Management - Closed/Program Full

Video for India Winter Program

Spring Break

California - Introduction to Silicon Valley and the Tech Industry - Closed/Program Full

Colombia - EPICS in La Guajira Colombia

Ireland - Chemical Engineering and Industrial Pharmacy in Ireland - Closed/Program Full

Korea - Gaining Global Perspective in Korea from Biotech to KPOP! - Closed/Program Full


Colombia - Professional Intercultural and Global Development in Colombia

Europe - Evolution of European Transportation Systems and Supply Chains - Closed/Program Full

France - Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition - French Riviera - Closed/Program Full

Germany - Experience German Engineering - Closed/Program Full

Germany - Smart Mobility in Europe - Germany and Czechia - Closed/Program Full

Italy - ME 270 Basic Mechanics in Italy - Closed/Program Full

Japan - Regulatory and Clinical Science for Global Health in Japan - Closed/Program Full

Kenya - Practical Utility Platform - GDT Kenya

Netherlands - Exploring Healthcare Innovations in the Netherlands (VIDEO) - Closed/Program Full 

Rwanda - EPICS in Rwanda

Scandinavia - Biomedical Modeling for Global Health in Scandinavia - Closed/Program Full

Singapore - Bioinspired Materials and Structure

Spain - Spain Know-how in the Agri-food Industry (Please contact IPIA at for more information.)

Spain - System Dynamics Modeling for Engineers - Pamplona Spain - Closed/Program Full

Summer Research

Kenya - Kenya Engineering Research Abroad

Pre-freshmen Study Abroad

Taiwan - Global Design and Practice for Pre-engineering


Videos from previous Programs: 


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