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Short Term Engineering Program (STEP) Abroad

Faculty-led (Departmental) STEPs Abroad are fast-paced, unique international experiences typically lasting from one to three weeks. Credits earned vary by program, and most will involve a combination of industry visits, lectures, site visits, class work, and visits to tourist destinations. These programs may take place during Spring Break, May/Summer or Winter Break. Students will earn one to three credits.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Honor's College Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects (STEP) please visit this page.

Davidson students at the beach

STEP Abroad Programs for 2018 - 2019

Spring Break 2019

Ecuador - Needs-Finding and Medical Device Design in Resource-Limited Settings

Israel - Fundamentals in Aerothermal Measurement Techniques

Mexico - Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for Soft and Biological Materials

Singapore - Chemical Engineering Singapore

South Korea - Engineering Education and Practice in South Korea


Maymester 2019

Brazil - Exploring Diversity and Innovation in Brazil

Barcelona - Basic Mechanics I - ME 27000 in Barcelona

China - Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork in China (ENGR and FLL)

Dublin, Ireland - Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

France - Global Professional Practice in France 

Germany - Finite Element Methods for Engineering Structures

Germany - Industrial Microbial Biotechnology in Germany

Ireland - Global Medical Device Design

Kenya - Engineering Teaching and Research with High School Learners in Kenya

Kenya - Global Air Quality Trekkers (GAQT) Nandi Clean Kitchen Study

Mexico - Chemical Engineering in Mexico

Prague - Machine Design I-ME352

Singapore - Intelligent Infrastructure Management in Singapore

Spain - Compact Turbomachinery and their Measurement Techniques

Sweden - Sustainability Across Sectors 

Sweden, Denmark, Finland - Biomedical Modeling for Global Health in Scandinavia

Taiwan - Engineering Cultures Taiwan

United Kingdom and Germany - Evolution of European Transportation Systems and Supply Chains


Pre-Freshmen 2019

China - Global Design & Practice for Pre-Engineering 


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