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Short Term Engineering Program (STEP) Abroad

Faculty-led (Departmental) STEPs Abroad are fast-paced, unique international experiences typically lasting from one to three weeks. Credits earned vary by program, and most will involve a combination of industry visits, lectures, site visits, class work, and visits to tourist destinations. These programs may take place during Spring Break, May/Summer or Winter Break. Students will earn one to three credits.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Honor's College Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects (STEP) please visit this page.

Davidson students at the beach

STEP Abroad Programs for 2017-18

Pre-Freshmen 2018

Global Design & Practice for Pre-engineering in China

Winter Break 2017-18

STEP Jamaica - Deaf Can Coffee - Bridging the Communication Gap in Jamaica  - FILLED

Spring Break 2018

STEP Australia - Engineering Field Investigation in a Multidisciplinary & Global Context

STEP Ecuador - Medical Needs - Finding and User-Centered Design for Low-Resource Settings

STEP Germany - Chemical Engineering in Germany

STEP India - ME/EPICS - India 

STEP Israel - Fundamentals in Aerothermal Measurement Techniques

STEP Mexico - Mechanics of Serial and Parallel Robots

Maymester 2018

STEP Austria, Germany, UK - 21st Century European Transportation - FULL

STEP Australia - Finite Element Methods for Engineering Structures - FULL

EPICS - Bolivia - Engineers Without Borders

STEP China - ME Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork - FULL

STEP Colombia - Professional, Intercultural and Global Development - FULL

STEP Delft, Netherlands - Data Mining for Engineering

STEP France - Global Professional Practice in France - FULL 

STEP Germany - Industrial Microbial Biotechnology

STEP Germany - Experience German Engineering - FULL 

STEP Ireland - Global Medical Device Design - FULL 

STEP Italy - Hydraulic Control Systems

STEP Italy - Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition - FULL 

STEP Japan - Small Satellite Technologies - FULL 

STEP Kenya - GEP GDT Practical Utility Platform

STEP Kenya - GDT Practical Utility Platform - 6 week program 

STEP Kenya - Research and Community Based Engineering Work

STEP Singapore - Intelligent Infrastructure Management

STEP South Korea - Engineering Education and Practice

STEP Spain - System Dynamics Modeling for Engineers

STEP Taiwan - ChE Chemical Engineering in Taiwan

STEP - Taiwan - Engineering Cultures Taiwan

STEP Ukraine - Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power Production