Graduation Candidacy Information for Online Master's Students

Please note: the December 2020 Commencement will be on-demand.  More information is available at

In order to graduate, you must declare candidacy for the semester in which you intend to graduate by the designated deadline. You can declare candidacy by completing a Form 23 for CAND 991, obtain your major professor’s signature, and complete the Candidate Student Checklist for Non-Thesis.  Return both the Form 23 and the Graduate Student Checklist to

CAND 991: The only candidacy in which you can be registered for any other courses and/or research.  (International students registering for candidacy and less than full-time, need to request approval for a reduced course load from ISS.)
SAMPLE CAND991 FORM 23: Fall  |  Spring  |  Summer

PLEASE NOTE: Being registered as a candidate does not automatically register you for the commencement ceremony. If you plan to participate in commencement, you must respond by using the commencement tab on myPurdue. It will be added to your myPurdue account after a specified date in the semester you have registered as a candidate.

For specific semester graduation deadlines, please see the Graduate School calendar.

For Non-Thesis Candidates:

Non-thesis Master’s students need to declare candidacy by the deadline designated by the Graduate School, but preferably during registration before the start of classes.

• Complete a Form 23 (registration form) registering for candidacy (CAND 991), have your major professor sign the form, and complete the Candidate Student Checklist for Non-Thesis.  Return both the Form 23 and the Graduate Student Checklist to

• The ME Graduate Office will email you if additional action is required on your part (e.g. changes to the plan of study, etc.). You must make a change to your plan of study if:

• your titles and course numbers on your plan of study do not precisely match your transcript;

• you changed committee members.

It will be your responsibility to make the above changes to your Plan of Study. If grades for courses you have completed are not showing in your Plan of Study, and you’ve confirmed that your course title and number match what is on your transcript, please follow up with the Graduate School at

Some professors require a presentation for non-thesis MS, so check to make certain you know what is expected of you early in the semester.

You MUST complete the Graduate School Exit Questionnaire by the last day of classes. The questionnaire is accessed by logging on to myPurdue. (Click on the “Academic” tab, then the “Graduate School Plan of Study” link. Once you log-in there, you’ll see the link to your questionnaire.)

Your GPA must be 2.85 or higher to graduate. If you know you will be receiving an “I” (incomplete) in a course, notify the ME Graduate Office immediately. Failure to do so may require additional registration and fees.

The ME Online Student Check Out Form must be completed and returned to the ME Graduate Office as early as possible before the end of your graduating semester. (Please note:  Not returning the check-out form or keys may result in a delay in the posting of your degree.)


ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730