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Converting a CD CAD model into an easily-assembled cardboard toy



Human beings and machines are interacting in new and unique ways in the 21st century.  That’s why design is such a vital aspect of engineering research at Purdue, discovering the ideals for mechanical systems, computational models, and human ergonomics.

In one Purdue lab, researchers use toys and video games as a vehicle to study how humans utilize creativity in the smartphone era.  In another, faculty are studying materials at the nanoscopic level, to determine how best to manufacture the nanomaterials of the future.  Another lab compares traditional manufacturing techniques with open-source culture, mapping out new paradigms for social and technical systems.

Design also collaborates with and strengthens other areas of engineering, like biomechanics, robotics, manufacturing, and vehicles.  If you want to build it, first you’ve got to design it.

Eye-tracking determines how consumers perceive different car designs

Standards-based information exchange between closed-source and open-source


Students put their design skills to work by inventing new prototypes