Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University


Student group
April 1, 2014
A group of Purdue University students including mechanical engineering senior Carmen Valverde-Paniagua created a soy-based, renewable and recyclable filament for 3D printing that won the top prize in the annual Student Soybean Product Innovation Contest.
Jill Hruby
February 21, 2014
Ten esteemed alums of Purdue's College of Engineering were recognized Friday, Feb. 21, at a luncheon celebrating the 50th anniversary of Distinguished Engineering Alumni/Alumnae. ME alums Roger B. Gatewood and Jill M. Hruby are among those honored this year.
Microscopic image of pine char
February 19, 2014
Jay Gore and Robert Lucht are part of a research team that has successfully tested the conversion of large particles of pinewood char in a gasification process, a step necessary for the mass production of synthetic liquid fuel from recalcitrant biomass.
Flying snake
February 3, 2014
Research by Pavlos Vlachos and colleagues at Virginia Tech sheds light on how the snake's body works like an airfoil to generate lift forces to keep them airborne as they descend through the air in the Southeast Asian rainforest.
Schematic diagram
January 28, 2014
Xiulin Ruan and colleagues are proposing a new technology that might control the flow of heat the way electronic devices control electrical current, an advance that could have applications in a diverse range of fields from electronics to textiles.
DNA motor schematic
December 18, 2013
Professor Jong Hyun Choi is part of a team of researchers that has created a new type of molecular motor made of DNA and demonstrated its potential by using it to transport a nanoparticle along the length of a carbon nanotube.
Team Purdue Prop Pullers
December 11, 2013
The Malott Innovation Awards consist of a two-day competition at the end of each fall and spring semester between groups enrolled in ME 463. On Friday, December 6, competition concluded with three student teams receiving awards for their designs.