Online Master's at Purdue ME

You can get a Master's Degree from Purdue University Mechanical Engineering entirely online.  Your course materials and lectures are accessible online any time, so you aren't restricted by timetables.  You get the same quality education from the same faculty who teach on-campus, but on your schedule. Purdue Online is the number 1 online mechanical engineering grad program in the country by US News & World Report.

How does it work?

The 30-credit hour curriculum allows you to choose to earn a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) or an Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE/MS) with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering, with both thesis and non-thesis degree options. There is no set timetable! You can take one class a semester, and finish in roughly three years -- or take a heavier course load and finish more quickly.

Your class registration and course delivery is conducted by Purdue Online, whereas your "academic home" (for plans of study, grades, and graduation requirements) will be the School of Mechanical Engineering. Your admission and your progression are evaluated just the same as an on-campus graduate student.

First steps

Already accepted? Take these steps to register for classes

The registration process confirms your intention to enroll, and is also used to set up an exam proctor.

  • Access the Student Login to verify your profile information and view the semester CRNs.
  • Complete your plan of study

    Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a Plan of Study (POS). A plan of study is an academic contract among a student, the faculty members on the advisory committee, and the Graduate School.

    • Filing the plan of study is done electronically. Login to myPurdue with your Career Account userid and password.
    • Under “Graduate Students” click on “Graduate School Plan of Study”
    • The Graduate School provides access to the POSG (Plan of Study Generator) through the “Graduate School Intranet Database” link.
    • A new browser window will open with the POSG login screen; login again with your Career Account userid and password to proceed.
    • Click on the Plan of Study Generator link, then “Create new plan of study” link.
    • Refer to the “Help” buttons located on each page if you need assistance. You do not need to complete the entire form at one log in; you may save your plan of study and return to it later.

    Once you have completed the plan of study and feel it is ready for review of your advisory committee:

    • Submit the Plan as draft; in draft this is the opportunity for your advisory committee to review the plan and for discussion about your academic and research goals;
    • The draft POS will also be reviewed by the POS coordinator who will advise you of revisions or to submit it as ‘final’. DO NOT submit your POS as final until you have received approval from your advisory committee.
    • Once the POS is submitted as final, it will be electronically routed, reviewed, and if approved, signed by the departmental POS coordinator, your advisory committee and the Graduate School.
    • You may check the status of your plan at any time by returning to the POSG and click on “View”.
    • Once the Graduate School has approved your plan of study, you should check it each semester to monitor your academic degree progress.
  • Retrieve your Registration PIN for the semester. (You won't have a PIN available if you don't have a Plan of Study in process).
  • Log in to myPurdue to check your time ticket, add or drop classes and view, print & pay e-bills.
  • Register for ME 69100 (ME Graduate Seminars / CRN: 13280) if you have not already taken it. This course is a degree requirement and is only offered in the Fall semester.


Contact the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Office:

ME Graduate Office
585 Purdue Mall (Room 1003)
West Lafayette, IN 47907
(765) 494-5730