Registration Information


Expectations for Registration Appointment:

The academic advisors expect students to come to their registration appointment with a printed copy of their POS that is updated for the upcoming semester(s). If taking a general education or technical elective, the student needs to have the specific course they are considering notated on the POS. All courses must be labeled to indicate what graduation requirement it meets (example, TE-3, GE-1, WAC).

Students should be prepared to discuss:

Industry Interest Areas
Internship/co-op considerations
Study abroad
Other experiential learning
Academic performance
Career and Professional development

Registration Process and Timeline:

It is the student’s responsibility to know their registration status (senior, priority, etc.) and make an appointment with their academic advisor prior to the beginning of their time ticket. Students are notified via email when the academic advisor will begin seeing students for registration appointments. This email will detail information on how to prepare for the 30 minute appointment as well as how to schedule the appointment using the online scheduling system. Registration appointments will usually begin around the sixth week of the semester.

Registration Process for Off Campus Students:

You will receive an email from your Academic Advisor outlining instructions, including documentation that needs to be sent back (i.e. updated Plan of Study) in order for your PIN to be released for registration. There will be a specific deadline to reply back to your advisor with the required documentation. Once your POS is approved, your Academic Advisor will then send your PIN number via email prior to your registration time ticket. Failure to meet the deadline to return required documentation will result in the release of your PIN number during open registration.

Current Students Who Miss a Registration Appointment:

If a student misses their scheduled registration appointment, or cancels their appointment, they will not be permitted to reschedule prior to the start of their time ticket. This is to ensure that all students have the ability to meet with their academic advisor prior to the start of their time ticket. The advisors will be in contact with students who miss or cancel their appointment in regards to rescheduling after all students have been seen for registration purposes. If a student misses or cancels a second appointment, they will be required to wait until open registration begins to see their advisor. The advisors do not have the ability to have students make multiple appointments on their calendars within the registration time frame due to the volume of students to be seen.

Students Who are not Prepared for Registration Appointment:

The academic advisors reserve the right to turn a student away if they deem the student has arrived unprepared for the registration appointment. Examples of being unprepared could include, but are not limited to:

  • No plan-of-study
  • Plan-of-study not updated (same POS from last semester, handwriting on POS from last appointment)
  • Plan-of-study with many pre-requisite errors
  • Plan-of-study missing labels

If a student is not seen during their scheduled appointment because they were unprepared, this will be treated as a missed appointment (see policy on missed registration appointments).

Current Students who Arrive Late to a Registration Appointment:

If a student arrives to their schedule registration appointment 10 or more minutes late, it will be considered a missed appointment (see policy on missed registration appointments). Registration appointments are scheduled for 30 minute time slots. The appointments with the students are expected to last at least 20 minutes, with the remaining 10 minutes reserved for advisors to make corrections to your MyPurdue plan, enter any overrides necessary, and general record keeping. Advisors have students scheduled every 30 minutes. To respect the other students and the advisors time, students will not be seen if they arrive late and an appointment cannot be fully completed in the time allotted.

It’s the week of my time ticket, but I haven’t made an appointment with my advisor yet. Will the advisor be able to fit me in?

It is the student’s responsibility to know their specific time ticket information and to get on their advisors calendar prior to the start of that time ticket. The advisors will not make exceptions or open up their calendars to students who fail to make appointments prior to the start of their time ticket.

Information about Registration Holds:

Students must take action on any holds on their account to have the ability to register for classes. More information about holds, and how to remove them, can be located on the Office of the Registrar webpage: The advisors cannot remove or override holds. It is the student’s responsibility to take the appropriate action needed to clear all holds.

How can I find my registration time ticket?

Registration time tickets are published in MyPurdue under the Registration tab.

How can I find my registration PIN?

Please reference this link for information on how locate your PIN (

A core ME course I need to take is full, what should I do?

If a core ME course (not a general education or technical elective) is full, a student should email their academic advisor the following information – name, PUID, and course(s) that are full. The academic advisor will notify the department schedule deputy who will in turn investigate if more space can be added. If more space will be added, the academic advisor will notify the student to monitor the registration system. If space is not able to be added, the advisor will provide the student with recommendations.

I am getting a pre-requisite, or other registration error, when trying to register for a ME course, what do I do?

Send your academic advisor an email with your name, PUID, and the ME course that has registration errors. Your academic advisor will determine why this error is occurring and email you back with a resolution.

I have a time conflict with an ME core course and another course, what should I do?

Contact your academic advisor with the courses causing the time conflict. In very special cases, an override may be placed for the student to register for both classes. Your academic advisor will provide additional details in an email reply.

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