Purdue ECE adds more than 400 new alumni during Spring 2022 commencement


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Purdue honors alumnus Bill Elmore for transformational gift to name ECE

“I’m not part of a multigenerational Purdue family, but I am part of a ‘horizontal’ Purdue family—we all went to Purdue contemporaneously and had great experiences—and I wanted to recognize how much we all benefited from going to Purdue,” Elmore said. “What I'd really like is for this gift to inspire other folks of both my generation and younger generations to consider giving back in a major way to Purdue. I’d like this to be an example that others could follow.”

Elmore says Purdue contributed a lot to his career and he believes strongly in the University’s mission and the vision of the leadership team in the College of Engineering.

“Purdue has been making great strides in advancing its mission—across many, many fronts—under the guidance of Mitch Daniels, and it’s always good to put energy and money behind great momentum,” Elmore said.