Application Requirements for On-Campus Programs

Thank you for your interest in Purdue's Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program. Look over the requirements below, and then complete your application online.

Application Fee: $60 for domestic applicants, $75 for international applicants. Application fee waivers are available; check your eligibility here, or contact the Graduate School if you have waiver-related questions.


  • Fall: December 1 (for fellowships), or May 1 (overall)
  • Spring: September 15
  • Summer: we do not admit during the Summer

GPA: The minimum recommended GPA to apply is 3.2 out of 4.0.

The necessary documents to be submitted when applying are:

1. Academic Statement of Purpose

2. Personal History Statement

3. Transcripts (Original language and English translations are both needed for international applicants)

  • Upload official transcript copies to the application from all institutions, whether a degree was awarded or not. Copy or student copy transcripts are accepted as well, but those downloaded from an institution's student system are not accepted. Tips for uploading your transcript here.
  • After accepting admission, please provide final official transcripts showing degree has been awarded; send in sealed envelope to Purdue University Graduate School, Young Hall 170, 155 S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907. E-transcripts can be sent to Purdue Graduate School (West Lafayette Campus) via international accredited university, Parchment Exchange, the National Student Clearinghouse, or TrueCopy Credentials.
  • For domestic applicants: according to the State of Indiana law, your social security number or other student ID similar to SSN should not appear in the transcripts. Please use a black marker to block your SSN before uploading transcripts.
  • International applicants must upload a copy of baccalaureate degree diploma, or provisional certificate showing expected graduation date if diploma have not been awarded, in original language and in English.

4. Resume

5. Three Letters of RecommendationRecommenders will receive a link via email to upload letters. Applicants can submit application without recommendation letters being uploaded. 

6. GRE General Test Scores (optional)

  • Applicants from schools that are not well known are encouraged to submit GRE scores.
  • Send GRE scores to Purdue - West Lafayette, institution code 1631. Alternatively, you can submit your application first, then log in back to the application portal to upload score card as GRE Score Report.

7. Official English Proficiency Scores (internationals from non-English speaking countries only; see if you're eligible for a waiver here). Cannot be more than two years old.  Choose one:

  • TOEFL (IBT) must have minimum scores of:
    • Writing: 18
    • Speaking: 18
    • Listening: 14
    • Reading: 19
    • TOTAL: 80
  • TOEFL Essentials must have minimum scores of:
    • Writing: 8
    • Speaking: 8
    • Listening: 8
    • Reading: 8
    • TOTAL: 8
  • IELTS must have minimum scores of:
    • Writing: 5.5
    • Speaking: 6.0
    • Listening: 6.0
    • Reading 6.5
    • TOTAL: 6.5
  • Duolingo must have minimum scores of:
    • Comprehension: 115
    • Conversation: 115
    • Literacy: 115
    • Production: 115
    • TOTAL: 115
  • Send TOEFL scores to Purdue – West Lafayette, institution code 1631.
  • Send IELTS scores electronically to Purdue University Office of International Admissions.
  • Send Duolingo scores to Purdue University Graduate School.
  • Submit your application then log in back to the application portal, upload score report as TOEFL/IELTS/Dulingo score report  (optional)

Reminder: We will NOT review incomplete applications. Please login to your application account to check if any documents are missing.

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Application Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply if my undergrad major is not Mechanical Engineering? We accept students who have a bachelor's degree in engineering or science. Students from majors like Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Math, Physics, etc. are welcome to apply. You are expected to complete Calculus 1, 2, 3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Physics 1 and 2.

2. Can I submit my application after the deadline? If you’d like to be considered for fellowships, please submit all required documents including recommendation letters by the fellowship deadline. RA is a job provided by faculty. They can offer RA to applicants they choose even if applicants submitted application later than the fellowship deadline. Faculty can also nominate applicants for TA to the department. You are highly suggested to submit application early. The longer you wait, the less likely to be admitted.

3. What assistance can I receive if I can’t afford the GRE test fee? ETS provides a GRE Fee Reduction program to domestic students and resident aliens. They also provide free test prep materials and free GRE Diagnostic Service for those retaking the GRE General Test.

4. I have ordered my TOEFL/GRE test scores to be sent to your university a long time ago but my application still indicates waiting for these scores. What should I do? Please make sure you are using the same first and last names for your application and TOEFL/GRE tests. The system cannot match your scores with your application if you are using different names. Until you submit your application and pay the application fee, TOEFL scores received will not match with your application. It will then take approximately 5 business days to be verified. We suggest that you upload test score reports to your application to help us locate your official scores.

5. I accidentally checked the box indicating that I do not waive rights to review recommendation letters. Can you help me change my selection? You might be able to change it before submitting your application. Once submitted, you need to contact the graduate school.

6. Can I edit or add new documents to my application after submission? Once you submitted your application, you will not be able to edit it but you can upload new materials as miscellaneous supporting documents. Please be aware if your application has been reviewed, we will not review it again even if new documents have been added.

7. How long should I wait to get an admission decision? Time frame may vary depending on the application volume. You should login to your application account to check status. Constant email inquiries do not speed up the decision process, so please do not email the ME Grad Office to check status of your application.

8. My application has been denied. Can I find out the reasons for denial/ weakness of my application? Reasons for denial include a number of factors, such as academic qualifications, available funding and/or enrollment limitations. Each application is reviewed and considered based on these factors. Due to the large volume of applications, we are unable to individually respond as to what weakness your application may have had. Admission decisions are final.

9. I have been admitted. When is the deadline to respond to the admission? For on-campus programs, please respond by June 1 for fall enrollment and by November 15 for spring enrollment.

10. What kinds of funding will be provided by the school? Funding offers are separate from admissions. Research students in MS thesis, D-PhD or PhD programs are funded with fellowships, teaching assistantships, or research assistantships. Non-thesis students in Professional Master’s and Online Master’s programs are self-funded and pay tuition by themselves.

11. How can I defer my admission? You are allowed to defer admission up to 1 year from your originally admitted term. For example, you have been admitted to Fall 2023, you can defer to Spring 2024 or Fall 2024. Deferral request can be sent to ME Grad Office before your admitted term starts. (Please note:  if you request to defer admission, please don’t register for any courses in your originally admitted semester.  Once you register, you are considered an active student in that semester and cannot defer.)

12. What is the tuition rate for your grad program? Tuition and fee rates may vary from year to year. Please check the Purdue Bursar’s Office website for accurate fee rates.

13. Where can I get information about your school’s health insurance? For student health insurance coverage, cost or other questions, please contact Purdue University Student Health Center (PUSH), 765-496-3998 or email.


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