ME Co-op Coordinator: Julia King

ME Co-op Coordinator: Stephanie Winder

Cooperative Education

Co-op programs provide students with exceptional work integrated learning experience. Students alternate semesters of on-campus academic study with sessions of work with a valued industry partner. Those who participate in co-op gain 12-20 months of paid work experience by graduation. By fulfilling all requirements of the Co-Op Program, students will receive an academic certificate to accompany their Mechanical Engineering degree.

Process Once a Co-op Offer is Secured

  1. Once you accept a co-op offer from an OPP partnering employer, submit a copy of your offer letter to
  2. Sign and submit the ME Co-op Program Rules (PDF) to
  3. Revise your Plan of Study (POS) to reflect your co-op program.
  4. Schedule an advising appointment with your assigned academic advisor to review your revised Plan of Study and enroll in the appropriate co-op course.
  5. Complete and submit ME Co-op Checklist (Fillable PDF).

Note: If you are a FYE student, submit your revised POS to  After you are admitted to ME, enroll in the appropriate co-op course.

Note: If you are an international student, review the F-1 Visa Student Information and complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Process.

Purdue Professional Practice Program

Students who participate in the Professional Practice Program should follow guidelines set by the Office of Professional Practice.

International Students

Co-op Process Documents for Students

If you have questions regarding the ME co-op process, please contact Julia King or Stephanie Winder.