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Laser direct deposition of metal matrix composites


Manufacturing & Materials   

Manufacturing has been a central focus of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue, going back to the 1800’s.  Today, researchers study every aspect of manufacturing and materials, from automotive and aerospace to electronics and medical applications.

By studying the fatigue and fracture of materials, Purdue researchers can pinpoint what needs to be strengthened, and how much.  In nanomanufacturing, new breakthroughs enable devices to do things unthinkable just a few years ago.  And in the theoretical realm, manufacturing processes and systems are always being refined, allowing companies to build the best products in the best way with the best people.

Simulating mechanical loads in fiberglass insulation


Sustainably recovering materials from discarded LCD flatscreens


The Indiana Manufacturing Institute


The Composites Manufacturing & Simulation Center houses 32,000 square feet for designing, simulating, and manufacturing composite prototypes. With the same equipment and processes found in automotive and aerospace factories, it’s a cutting-edge collaboration between Purdue engineers and Indiana industry.