Vice President and Director of Research & Development
Suzhou Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.
PHD ’92

“The basis of all engineering is providing a solution to a problem that is both simple, yet inventive. The engineerʼs initial task in any situation is to discover and diagnose the problem. Often times, the information presented is rudimentary and incomplete. A good engineer will solve the complex issue in an efficient manner and provide a solution that is practical and resourceful. My experience at Purdueʼs Herrick Lab has profoundly changed my life. The cross-discipline academic exposure, close personal interactions with my professor and staff, and the open and collegial atmosphere in which I worked with fellow students not only prepared me academically but also taught me the lifelong value of teamwork. In every step of my career, I am reminded of the professional and life lessons I learned at Purdue and am grateful for the wonderful experience.”

Dr. Ziqiang Hu is the Vice President of Suzhou Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., where he oversees the research and development center. He is responsible for over 500 engineers and introduces over 100 patents each year for the company. He received his Ph.D. From Purdue University in 1992.

Since Hu joined Samsung Electronics in 2006, he has changed SSE’s R&D center from a development and supporting organization into a true research and development center. The center has added technical expertise in noise and vibration, dynamics simulation, CFD, fan and heat exchange design, and many advanced simulation tools in the last five years. Prior to joining Samsung, Hu worked in GE Appliances as a program manager. He also led the team who developed and launched GE’s first horizontal washing machine platform in the North American market. The project has achieved great commercial success and sold over two million units since launch. Early in his career, he was team leader at GE Global Research Center in the noise and vibration area involving products from aircraft engine, locomotive, gas turbine and generator, and appliances.

Dr. Hu is a board member of China Appliances Association. He is considered an expert in the development of high tech, energy saving, and environmentally friendly washing machine and refrigeration technology for the Chinese appliances industry. When he worked for GE, he led the development of GE’s first two evaporator side-byside refrigerators with the inverter compressor system and achieved America’s quietest refrigerator and CU #1 rating. He is currently leading a Chinese Appliances Association committee to develop a plan that will save 50 percent of washer electricity and water usage in China by 2020. He has been awarded 17 U.S. patents, is frequently invited to give speeches in his area of expertise, and aims to further the research and development process of appliances for the future.