Hybrid Vehicle Systems Certificate


The Hybrid Vehicle Systems (HVS) Certificate is available to graduate students in good standing in the College of Engineering. The certificate program is focused on providing students a framework for gaining relevant expertise in the area of advanced hybrid vehicle systems. Once accepted into the program, the HVS Certificate requires 9 hours of graduate level coursework along with attendance at one HVS workshop or poster show

Eligibility Requirements and How to Apply:

  • Degree seeking graduate students in good standing (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher) in the College of Engineering, on West Lafayette campus only, may be considered for admission to the HVS Certificate program.
  • Students initially apply to the program by submitting the Preliminary Application to the HVS Certificate Program to the ME Graduate Office (see below).  The student’s major professor’s signature is required on the application form.
  • Download the application form here.
  • The preliminary application form will be reviewed, and if approved, the student will be advised to complete the Purdue Graduate School application specifically for the Hybrid Vehicle Systems certificate program.  The Graduate School application will require payment of the application fee, see https://www.purdue.edu/gradschool/admissions/how-to-apply/apply-fee.html for the current application fees.
  • See https://www.purdue.edu/gradschool/admissions/how-to-apply/index.html for instructions on How to Apply to the Purdue Graduate School.

Please Note:  Students who do not apply to the Graduate School for admission into the HVS Certificate Program, will not be eligible for the certificate, even if they complete the certificate requirements!

How to Complete, once Admitted:

  • The HVS Certificate program requires completion of 9 hours of graduate level coursework selected from the approved course list.  The courses must be completed with a grade.

Architecture (complete one): 
ABE 59100/ME 53500 Design of Fluid Power Systems
ECE 51018 Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Energy Storage or Controls (complete one):
CHE 59700 Intro to Energy Storage Systems
MSE 59700 Rechargeable Batteries
ME 57500 Theory & Design of Control Systems
Prime Mover (i.e. motor/engine) (complete one):
ECE 61000 Energy Conversion
ABE 69100/ME 69700 Hydraulic Components and Modeling
ME 52500 Combustion
ME 54000 Internal Combustion Engines

  • In addition to the coursework, the certificate requires attendance/participation at one HVS workshop or poster show.  Students must present a poster at the poster show to pass this requirement.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained for all graded courses applied to the certificate.  Grades of B- or below are not allowed.
  • Courses from another institution and undergraduate level courses may not be applied to the HVS certificate.
  • Course credits used to satisfy requirements for the HVS certificate may also be used on the MS, PhD or D-PhD plans of study.
  • Students may apply up to 9 graduate level (Purdue graded) hours, completed before admission to the certificate program, so long as those courses appear on the HVS certificate program list.
  • Students entering the HVS Certificate program are expected to complete the certificate within 24 months of admission.  (A maximum of 36 months to complete the certificate may be allowed with extenuating circumstances; contact the ME Grad Office to submit a request for extension.)
  • Since there is no formal plan of study for the HVS Certificate, you must monitor your own progress in the program.  The semester BEFORE you complete the requirements, you must notify the ME Graduate Office, of your expected completion.  
  • Once requirements have been met, Fill in the checklist here and have the program director, Prof. Greg Shaver, sign it to verify the completion of the poster show, before returning it to the ME Graduate Office
  • In the semester that you complete the required HVS Certificate requirements, you must register for candidacy (CAND 991) in the scheduling assistant, and include on the notes, that it is for the HVS Certificate.  Normal candidate registration deadlines apply.  Failure to register for candidacy, will result in you not receiving the certificate, even if all requirements have been met.  (If you are registering for your degree candidacy in the same semester, register first for your degree candidacy, and include in the note that you also are registering for the HVS Certificate; you do NOT submit two candidacy registration requests.)


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