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A Letter of Agreement (LOA) has been signed to establish a partnership for graduate education between the School of Chemical Engineering (CHE) at Purdue University (PU) and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE) at Korea University (KU) in South Korea. This LOA aims at fostering advancement in research and other academic pursuits of both institutes through: 1) faculty exchange and visits; 2) graduate student scholarly opportunities; 3) joint research projects, conferences, and seminars; and 4) other academic exchanges. This program is supported by the Korean Government through the BK21+ Program Grant awarded to the KU Department of CHBE. Any inquiries should be addressed to the Faculty Liaisons, Professor You-Yeon Won, PU CHE (, and Professor Ki Bong Lee, KU CHBE (
Following negotiations led by the Purdue-Mexico Center for Sustainability (PMCS), Purdue University and Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) have signed an Agreement to support Graduate Student Fellowships at Purdue.
Students from the Colleges of Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, Pharmacy, and Technology spent Spring Break 2015 studying Engineering and Public Health in the Service Sector with engineering students from La Sapienza in Rome, Italy.
In celebration of the accomplishments Purdue engineering students and faculty have made in tackling international development challenges and to inspire greater achievements in this field, the I2D Lab Exposition was hosted on Friday, March 27.
To develop and scale innovations to solve global development challenges
The biggest cash donation in Purdue University’s history will fund initiatives designed to foster groundbreaking research, expand high-tech job growth throughout Indiana as well as nationally and globally, and enhance opportunities for students.
Over the past year, a team of Purdue students has been working in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) to design a sand dam to provide water to the village of Endallah, Tanzania for agricultural and domestic purposes.
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Purdue agricultural and biological engineering graduate student David Wilson pitches his Practical Utility Platform vehicle, or PUP, for sub-Saharan Africa farmers at the Student Innovation Marketplace during TechCon. Wilson, along with Purdue team partner and fellow graduate student Jeremy Robison, finished second overall at the event.
Professor Raman joined Purdue University in 2000 as an Assistant Professor following a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley (1999), an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University (1993), and a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (1991). He was promoted to Associate Professor (2005), full Professor (2009) and named the Robert V. Adams Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue (2013) and now will also serve as the director of the Global Engineering Programs at Purdue.