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Modeling the volume of oil spilled underwater in the Gulf of Mexico


Fluid Mechanics   

Fluid Mechanics affects everything from hydraulic pumps, to microorganisms, to jet engines.  Purdue brings together a world-class group of researchers to model these behaviors in the computer, and then apply them to real-world situations.

Whether it’s air flowing over the blades of a turbine, or liquids coating a batch of pharmaceutical tablets, Purdue boasts one-of-a-kind facilities that enable researchers to explore new theories and set new standards.  Even at the microscopic or nanoscopic level -- even within the human body! -- Purdue researchers have the expertise to forge new discoveries every day.

Swimming dynamics of microorganisms in a viscoeleastic fluid



Working with the fluid compressor


Zucrow Labs boasts 24 acres of propulsion research, including dedicated test cells for compressors and jet engines.


Particulate Science

Studying fluid particulates


Fluid tumbler modelCenter for Particulate Processes and Products is a one-of-a-kind lab, studying the flow of powders and particles. It even contains a full-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.



Two workers at Maha Fluid Power Research Center


Maha Fluid Power Research Center enables researchers to model the behavior of hydraulic pumps and motors, and then gives them 15,000 square feet to test on real-world power equipment.