Undergraduate Program Map

Please note: this Program Map applies to students enrolled for Fall 2019 and beyond. If you were enrolled before Fall 2019, please click here for your Program Map.

Due to space limitations in ME 463 in the spring term, a student who plans to graduate in either the summer or fall term may not take ME 463 early in the spring term, even if all required pre-requisites are met. A student who plans to graduate in the spring term may be eligible to take ME 463 early in the fall term and is encouraged to check their eligibility with their academic advisor.

How do I use this map?

  • Each square is clickable, and brings up more details about that class.
  • The colored squares indicate the Mechanical Engineering core curriculum.  The white squares indicate other required and elective courses.
  • Click here for a printable PDF of the Mechanical Engineering Program Map.
  • This is a typical four-year map of a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree. Your experience may vary (internships, co-ops, study abroad, etc.)
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