Mechanical Engineering Course Repeat Policy

The below ME Course Repeat Policy is applicable to all students taking ME courses and ME students taking all courses to meet degree requirements (including gen-ed, technical, and mechanical electives, and the Free Elective). These policies are designed to maximize student success and minimize time to graduation. Students are encouraged to contact their assigned academic advisor before making decisions regarding course repeats. For ME students, an updated plan-of-study (POS) is required for advisement and approval.

  • F Grades - MUST be repeated if used to meet graduation requirements.
    • It is strongly advised to repeat course(s) IMMEDIATELY in the following semester to maximize the benefit of learned content.
  • C- or Lower Grades – MAY be repeated.
    • Students may NOT re-register for a current enrolled course until final grades post for the semester.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to repeat lower grades if they have a low ME Core GPA and/or a low Cumulative GPA.
  • C or Higher Grades - CANNOT be repeated.
    • For ME students this applies to ALL courses.
    • For non-ME students, this applies to their ME courses ONLY.
  • Three Attempt Rule – a MAXIMUM of 3 attempts to successfully pass a course
    • Attempts include withdrawals (W and/or WF grades).
  • Prerequisite Repeat Policy - CANNOT take a course and repeat the prerequisite concurrently
    • Example: you CANNOT take MA 261 and MA 262 in the same semester (even with a passing grade in MA 261).
    • Repeating the prerequisite first maximizes future success
  • Postrequisite Repeat Policy – CANNOT regress and take prerequisites of a course that has been completed.
    • Example: once MA 262 has been taken, CANNOT repeat MA 261 (or 165/166).

Any student found breaching any of the above policies will be required to drop the course, regardless of the semester time frame.