September 26, 2023

Understanding the impact of ocean layers on climate change

The ocean isn’t a uniform body of water, but stratified layers of different density, temperature, and salinity. As the climate changes, these density changes are becoming more extreme – affecting the movements of microorganisms in the water, and in turn affecting the production of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide on a global scale.
September 25, 2023

Keeping it cool: Germans and Americans collaborate on refrigeration

Summer is the perfect time to learn about air-conditioning and refrigeration, and as the largest academic HVAC lab in the world, Purdue's Herrick Labs is the perfect place. Since 2016, Herrick Labs has hosted a unique cross-cultural learning collaboration, which includes graduate students from Purdue University, Oklahoma State University, Technical University of Dresden, and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA).
September 21, 2023

Women in ME Symposium returns October 30, and you're invited!

Women of Purdue Mechanical Engineering will have a unique opportunity to meet other women students and faculty, attend seminars and chats specific to them, and network with successful alumnae. It's the 2nd annual Women in ME Symposium, on Monday, October 30.

September 17, 2023

Inkjet-printed tumors: custom cancer drug testbeds in less than a day

Cancer researchers often require live tumors to test their new treatments. But harvesting live tumors is painful and dangerous, and creating new tumors in a lab can be time-consuming and difficult. Purdue University researchers have developed a novel solution: inkjet-printed tumors. By printing biomaterial in a unique two-dimensional pattern, these specimens naturally fold in on themselves to become lifelike three-dimensional tumoroids, in a process called morphogenesis.
September 12, 2023

Monique McClain recognized in MIT's Innovators Under 35

Monique McClain, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been recognized as part of the 2023 MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35. McClain studies additive manufacturing of energetic materials.
September 5, 2023

The world's smallest drum

At just 50 microns in diameter, the world's smallest drum is 184 trillion times smaller than that Purdue icon, the World's Largest Drum. It was 3D printed by David Cappelleri, who uses this amazing technology at Birck Nanotechnology Center to build the latest generation of micro-robots.
August 25, 2023

56-year-old graduate student competes in Purdue Grand Prix

56-year-old Ramin Ansari had a long and successful career before deciding to enroll for a Ph.D. at Purdue University. He was surprised to learn that graduate students are eligible to participate in the Purdue Grand Prix, the prestigious annual go-kart race. So he assembled a team from Herrick Labs to make it happen.
August 23, 2023

From Ph.D. to Podcaster: Brandon Harrison-Smith

Brandon Harrison-Smith has worn a lot of hats in his academic career. Joining Purdue as a postdoc in mechanical engineering, he discovered a new role: host of the B-Xcellent podcast, showcasing the success of Black academics and sharing advice for Black students on their journey.
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