April 8, 2020

Graduate students win awards

With all public gatherings cancelled, we want to recognize the ME graduate students and faculty who received recognition from the College of Engineering.
April 7, 2020

Boiler 'Maker' team begins producing medical supplies

No one 'makes' things better than Boilermakers, and no one has a better custom manufacturing facility than the Bechtel Innovation Design Center. Under the direction of Miko Cakmak, the BIDC is now producing personal protective equipment for local hospitals.
April 6, 2020

Smart HVAC systems save big money

Residential buildings account for 20% of total energy consumption in the United States. If these homes were retrofitted with smart systems, which only condition the air if people are present, we would save 24-42% of these energy costs. David Warsinger published this research in the Journal of Building Engineering.
April 3, 2020

Faculty receive promotions

Congratulations to our ME faculty whose promotions have been approved by Purdue's Board of Trustees. Promoted to Full Professor are Arezoo Ardekani, Hector Gomez, and Fu Zhao. Promoted to Associate Professor are Ilias Bilionis, Marcial Gonzalez, Carlo Scalo, and Kejie Zhao.
April 1, 2020

Andres Arrieta receives CAREER award from NSF

Andres Arrieta has received the CAREER award from the National Science Foundation, their most prestigious award in support of early-career faculty. His project is "The Mechanics of Hierarchically Multistable Metastructures."
March 31, 2020

Machine learning discovers unexpected behavior in superlattices

As cell phones and other electronics get smaller and more powerful, dissipating heat becomes a vital issue. Prof. Xiulin Ruan's lab focuses on the nanoscale, where many principles of heat transfer are still unknown. Using machine learning, they have discovered that certain configurations of materials called "superlattices" conduct heat in unexpected ways.
March 27, 2020

Jacob Thieneman joins The Ventilator Project

Jacob Thieneman (BSME '18), safety for the San Francisco 49ers, has joined fellow Purdue grads in The Ventilator Project, developing a low-cost ventilator that can be rapidly manufactured.
March 26, 2020

Autofocus for 3D cameras

High-end 3D cameras require precise calibration to work properly. Song Zhang has developed algorithms that allow 3D cameras to autofocus as easily as consumer cameras.
March 18, 2020

Faculty Excellence Awards

With all public gatherings cancelled, we want to recognize the ME faculty that were scheduled to receive Faculty Excellence Awards from Purdue University.
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