Comprehensive Semiconductors and Microelectronics Program

Economic Future of U.S. Depends on Making Engineering Cool

"By rapidly expanding chip education, Purdue is aiming to graduate 1,000 semiconductor engineers annually as soon as possible. [...] Purdue is rolling out new courses and labs for UGs, a new master's program and a push to place students in chip internships..."

The Washington Post

"As one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers based in the U.S., GlobalFoundries strongly supports the efforts to grow U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturing. We recognize that to accomplish this goal, the shortage of semiconductor talent in the U.S. is a critical challenge the nation must address. I am pleased and encouraged to see Purdue University step up to this challenge by introducing a comprehensive set of degrees and credentials that will prepare students for exciting careers in semiconductors. We look forward to partnering with Purdue as these programs ramp up to support microelectronics across the U.S."

Thomas Caulfield

Industry Endorsements

Applied Materials CMC Materials efabless Global Foundries Graphcore IBM Intel Lattice Semiconductor Marvell Nantero NVIDIA semi Semiconductor Industry Association Skywater Semiconductor Research Corporation Synopsys Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Comprehensive Semiconductors and Microelectronics Program Degrees