Comprehensive Semiconductors and Microelectronics Program

Economic Future of U.S. Depends on Making Engineering Cool

"By rapidly expanding chip education, Purdue is aiming to graduate 1,000 semiconductor engineers annually as soon as possible. [...] Purdue is rolling out new courses and labs for UGs, a new master's program and a push to place students in chip internships..."

The Washington Post

"Recent events have taught us all how critical chips are and how fragile supply chains can be, but a re-energized U.S. microelectronics landscape will require more than just building more fabs. As Moore's Law slows, new ways to advance the performance of electronics systems are needed, and this will require a new generation of bold and creative semiconductor engineers to pioneer equally as bold and creative semiconductor devices. I applaud Purdue in addressing this challenge with a comprehensive set of new semiconductor degrees and credentials that will help prepare a new generation of semiconductor engineers and address a critical need for Nantero and other companies."

Rob Snowberger

Industry Endorsements

Applied Materials CMC Materials efabless Global Foundries Graphcore IBM Intel Lattice Semiconductor Marvell Nantero NVIDIA semi Semiconductor Industry Association Skywater Semiconductor Research Corporation Synopsys Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Comprehensive Semiconductors and Microelectronics Program Degrees