Off-Campus Research, Internships, Co-Ops, and Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Even though grad school is a full-time pursuit, Purdue still provides numerous opportunities for you to integrate industry experiences into your work, both for domestic students and international students.

To learn more about internships and co-ops, visit Purdue's Office of Professional Practice.

Off-campus research (updated for Fall 2021): for all (domestic & international) master’s or PhD students who are conducting research off-campus for greater than 22 days, the new G.S. Form 19 is required to be completed and submitted to the grad school. Students will need to file this form at least one month prior to each session they plan to be conducting off-campus research. For PhDs it should be used when the student has not completed prelims or coursework (for PhD students conducting research off campus that have already completed prelims and coursework, they need to file a Research in Absentia form: G.S. Form 12). (If you are also in a RA position, you will need to complete a Change of Duty Station through the engineering employment center (

International students: if you want a work experience in the United States, whether paid or unpaid, this requires authorization through the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program.  CPT eligibility begins one year from a student’s physical arrival on campus.  Complete this application form (electronic signature is acceptable) and email it to Tina Alsup, Student Information Specialist at the Office of Professional Practice.  Advisor approval is required to participate in the work experience (can be provided by email).

Please note that there are fees for Internship/Co-op/Industrial Practice registration.

If you’ve already received an offer to participate in either an internship or co-op experience, please submit the offer letter with start and end dates, along with the completed application form. If you’ve not already received an offer, please submit your resume, transcripts, and statement of purpose, along with the completed application form. Please submit your request early, and allow at least 2-3 weeks for processing.

For questions, please contact Tina Alsup, Student Information Specialist, Office of Professional Practice.