Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering
Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement 

Changing the world for the better, one student at a time.

Core Values

  1. Persistently pursue excellence
    • ME faculty, staff and students are forward-thinking, determined, rigorous, and driven.  We go above and beyond the regular call of duty and exhibit excellence in all that we do.  We continuously improve and strive for innovation in our research, educational and professional endeavors, and our outcomes are second to none. 
  2. Act with integrity and compassion
    • ME faculty, staff and students are ethical, honest, and kind above all else.  We do things the right way without compromise.  We are reliable and true, and we do what we say while reflecting the highest standards.
  3. Collaborate within and outside Mechanical Engineering
    • ME faculty, staff and students actively listen, communicate, and work together. We are eager to break down institutional silos.  We create and value relationships that change the world for the better.
  4. Foster a diverse, inclusive, respectful and anti-racist environment
    • ME faculty, staff and students are empathetic, positive, encouraging, and treat others well.  We respect ALL voices and firmly acknowledge that everyone’s contributions matter.  We value diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and strongly support people from all cultures, religions, and sexual orientations. We are anti-racist, seeking equity and inclusion for all.
  5. Provide service to all
    • ME faculty, staff and students use our skills, expertise and experiences to make a difference and foster change locally, regionally, and globally. We strive to do this with consideration and impact.  We help those around us to achieve their goals and those in need without expecting something in return.  We uphold the land grant mission of our university.