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Put Boilermakers to work for you!

Your company wants top talent, and our 2,200 engineering students want the top jobs. Become a Corporate Partner of Purdue ME, and you’ll get tremendous value from your investment: fresh eyes, technical knowledge, motivated team members, and top engineering talent from one of the top 10 engineering schools in the country.

  • Host an exclusive company day, and get your company’s name in front of Purdue engineering students
  • Engage students in the classroom by becoming a guest lecturer
  • Sponsor a student design project and get the best and brightest minds working on solutions exclusively for you; any problem big or small, and you own all the intellectual property

Join our current Corporate Partners

Daimler Truck
General Motors


American Innovation




Lockheed Martin


Rocky Research


IDI Composites

Eden Green


Eli Lilly


Sandia National Laboratories

Ensign-Bickford Industries

Raytheon Technologies

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



Air Products

Phillips 66
Toyota Material Handling
Procter & Gamble



Black Level ($5k/year)

  • Host an Exclusive Company Day: Meet our students one-on-one during your own exclusive recruiting event at Purdue ME! Set up your booth during the day, and have your own special presentation or networking event in the evening. We’ll advertise on our website, video screens in the building, and social media channels.
  • Engage Students in the Classroom: Become a guest lecturer in a freshman-level class, such as How Stuff Works (ME199), or the required Sophomore Professional Seminar (ME290). Or serve as a judge for a student design competition.
  • Connect to Student Organizations: Student organizations are where you’ll find the most driven achievers. As a Corporate Partner, you’ll have a single point of contact to coordinate with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society), Purdue Mechanical Engineering Ambassadors (PMEA), Women in Mechanical Engineering (WiME), and all other student groups.

Multi-year discounts are also available. Email Julia King ( to get started!

Gold Level ($10k/year)

  • Receive all the benefits mentioned above:
    • Host an exclusive company day
    • Engage students in the classroom
    • Connect to student organizations
  • Sponsor a senior design project, where students spend a semester tackling one of your engineering issues!
    • Choose an engineering project, big or small, that would benefit your company
    • Plan a slot for either fall or spring semester
    • A team of 4-6 Purdue students will be assigned to your project at the beginning of the semester
    • You coordinate with the team of students, and give them as much guidance and background as is necessary to complete the project. Every project is different; some may be done remotely, while others might necessitate more hands-on work and in-person visits
    • The Purdue student team will work on the problem, and continue to check in with your company's liaisons throughout the process
    • At the end of the semester, they will deliver a presentation, along with their final prototype
    • You have the option of continuing with the students to pursue IP, further advancement of the prototype, or even hiring team members!
    • It's like getting 6 interns for the price of one!

Email Todd Nelson ( to get started!

Platinum Level ($20k/year)

  • Receive all the benefits mentioned above:
    • Host an exclusive company day
    • Engage students in the classroom
    • Connect to student organizations
  • Sponsor senior design projects, where students spend a semester tackling one of your engineering issues
  • As a platinum member, you get the opportunity to sponsor up to 3 student design projects for your company a year, including the option for a summer project during an exclusive 10-week summer session

Email Todd Nelson ( to get started!


"What was most beneficial was the new ideas the guys had without knowing our market or previous designs. They did the research needed, asked the right questions and in the end came up with an innovative idea outside the norm for our industry. We were really impressed with the professionalism of the students and how they worked as a team to get the job done. In the end the design exceeded our expectations to the point we are working on IP and pushing forward with prototypes as fast as we can."  --TRP International

"The quality of individuals on the team exceeded my expectations. And association with Purdue, an Ivy League of the Midwest, is good for our brand."  --Endoplus

"I was impressed by the student’s technical abilities and school resources on hand. They were able to branch out into other engineering disciplines outside of their core ME and put together a working prototype. I was also pleasantly surprised by their project management skills. They conducted themselves professionally by running effective meetings and presentations. They understood that successful teams needed divisions of labor and good leadership. It was exciting for both parties and the students appreciated the chance to work on a product that was potentially impactful for patients and surgeons.  --Intuitive Surgical

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Director, Office for Industrial Experience
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Todd Nelson
Associate Director, Senior Design
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