Staff Directory

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Lauren Adu
Schedule Deputy / Scholarship Coordinator
Ashley Ancil
Senior Safety Officer, Herrick Labs
Tami Armstrong
Instructional Lab Coordinator


Brian Barrett
Marketing and Communications Specialist, Herrick Labs
Michael Black
Graphics Design Coordinator
Brenda Breece
Administrative Assistant
Jami Butler
Research Account Specialist


Emma Cox
Academic Advisor


Jeremy Davis
Senior Test Engineer
Kristin Deckard Dawson
Assistant Director, Academic Programs
Tina Denson
Administrative Assistant
Hemanth Devarapalli
CHPB Senior Research Support Analyst


Amanda Eldridge
Administrative Assistant, Herrick Labs
Cathy Elwell
Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs
Holly Englert
Associate Director of Advising
Dianne Evans
Senior Administrative Assistant, Research Machining Services


Robert Ferguson
Research Scientist, Zucrow Labs


Jason Gabl
Senior Test Engineer
Bryce Geesey
Lead Research Engineer, Herrick Labs
Rohan Gejji
Research Engineer
David Gonzalez Cuadrado
Senior Research Administrator
Pamela Graf
Building Operations Manager
Bert Gramelspacher
Electronic Design Engineer
Amy Greenan
Managing Director, Energetic Materials
Javan Greeson
Senior Director of Development


Maralee Hayworth
Managing Director, Ray W. Herrick Laboratories
Elizabeth Henning
Senior Academic Advisor
Robert R Hughes
Senior Engineering Technician


Swapnil Sushil Ingale
Senior Turbine Test Assistant



Brian Kelley
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Steve Kessler
Computer and Research Systems Engineer
Michelle Kidd
Operations Administrator, Zucrow Labs
Julia King
Managing Director of Staff; Director, Office of Industrial Experience


Toby Lamb
Aerospace Prototyping Specialist
Heather Lange
Program Assistant, ME Graduate Office
Kwok (Frank) Lee
Lead Engineering Technician, Herrick Labs
Michael Logan
Managing Director of Technical Services
Fangyuan Lou
Research Scientist
Martha Lucht
Senior Administrative Assistant


Grant Malicoat
Operations Engineer
Timothy Manship
Lead Research Engineer
Nancy Marianowski
Business Manager, Mechanical Engineering
Robert McGuire
Technical Services Supervisor, Zucrow Labs
Chad Meltzer
Engineering Laboratory Technician
Scott Meyer
Managing Director for Maurice J. Zucrow Laboratories
Zucrow ZL3 High Pressure Lab
Lisa Meyers
Business Assistant
David Montgomery
Senior Administrative Assistant
Michelle Moody
Lead Operations Clerk, Zucrow Labs
Kristi Moses
Director of Development Operations and Donor Stewardship


Metin Ornek
Research Scientist, Zucrow Labs


Amanda Palmer
Academic Advisor
Yash Pande
Aae Grader - Student Clerical
Jared Pike
Communication Specialist


Xiaomin Qian
Senior Graduate Program Manager


Gabrielle Rainwater
Business Assistant
Ruth Rothstein
Project Coordinator, MEERCAT


Swanand Sardeshmukh
Mechanical Engineer
Kaylene Shepherd
Administrative Assistant
Michael Sherwood
Manager Technical Services - Pearl
Dean Smoll
Senior Engineering Technician
Christina Starace
Senior Director of Development


Sheri Tague
Senior Graduate Program Manager
Ryan Thayer
Research Technician, Herrick Labs


Jessica Valley
Academic Advisor


Darrin Wilcoxson
Student Maker Spaces Senior Manager
Sarah Williams
Administrative Assistant, Herrick Labs
Sheryl Willison
Administrative Assistant, Development
Christine Wyant
Administrative Assistant, Zucrow Labs