School of Mechanical Engineering
2003 Outstanding Mechanical Engineer Award Recipients

Marcia Phillips Alstott Marcia Phillips Alstott
BSME '79

Vice President of Operations, Sun Microsystems, Newark, California

Daniel L. Dumbacher Daniel L. Dumbacher
BSME '81

Deputy Program Manager, Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, MSFC, Alabama

Roger C. Heider Roger C. Heider BSME '65
Partner, Sargent and Lundy Engineers, Chicago, Illinois
Paul J. Hommert Paul J. Hommert MSME '73; PhD '76
Director, DOD Systems Analysis & Concepts Center, Sandia National Lab, Albuquerque, NM
Steven C. Kenninger Steven C. Kenninger  BSME '74
President, QMO, LLC, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
William H. Lawson William H. Lawson BSME '59
Chairman, CEO and President (retired), Franklin Electric Company, Sarasota, Florida
Jacquelyn A. Levin Jacquelyn A. Levin BSME '81
President and CEO, Applied Food Biotech, O'Fallen, Missouri
Robert J. May, Jr. Robert J. May, Jr. MSME '74
Executive Director, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
David L. Rome David L. Rome BSME '70
Director, EORM, Sunnyvale, California
Herbert A. Wilson Herbert A. Wilson BSME '51
Owner and CEO, Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Coralville, Iowa