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ME Global Programs

Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE)

The GEARE program provides the ultimate global engineering experience for ME students.  It integrates the following experiences into a holistic program:

  • One domestic internship (12 weeks),
  • One international internship (12 weeks),
  • One semester of study abroad at an international GEARE partner institution, and
  • Two semesters of global design team project (one semester at home university, one abroad with design teams that include students from international partner institutions).  

Students who complete the GEARE program are eligible to receive the Global Engineering Study (GES) minor.  The GEARE program offers ME students the opportunity to acquire competitive advantage in the global workplace.  The GEARE program is administered by the Office of Professional Practice with support from ME staff and faculty. 

Engineering Term Abroad (ETA)

The ETA program is designed to provide a one semester study abroad experience for all ME students with good academic standing.  The program enables ME students to spend one semester at an international partner institution during their junior year with the following features:

  • No language requirement - all core and many technical and non-technical courses are taught in English.
  • No impact to plan of study (POS) and time-to-graduation - we have identified a selected set of courses at the partner institution that will transfer as ME core courses.
  • You can go with your friends - each partner institution will accept up to 5 or 10 Purdue ME students at a time.
  • No financial impact - you will pay the normal Purdue tuition and fees and you will be considered a full-time registered student at Purdue that should not impact scholarship or other financial aide eligibility.
  • No impact to internship or summer semester - you will be able to return to US in time for summer internship or summer semester.

The ETA program is designed specifically for ME students with support from the Purdue Study Abroad Program.

Maymester or Summer Programs

ME497K: Introduction to Intercultural Teamwork - Maymester in China

This is a 3 credit hour course that can be counted as a technical elective for ME students.  Interested students should contact Dr. Dianne Atkinson for details.

Purdue Study Abroad Maymester and Summer Programs

The Purdue Study Abroad Program also offers many short-term overseas programs that last from four days to several weeks over the Maymester or summer semester. A Purdue instructor leads the program and teaches one course. Participants earn from one to nine credit hours, depending on the length of the program. These programs provide excellent opportunities for students to experience travel abroad and planning for future longer term study abroad experience.  

Program destinations and offerings change every year, you should visit the Purdue Study Broad Program website to find the ones that meets your need.  The Study Abroad Office administer these programs and you should apply with the Purdue Study Abroad Program Office.


International Internships

The Engineering Office of Professional Practice (OPP) and the Purdue Study Abroad Office offer several international internship programs.   For example, the OPP G-PAL (Global Partners in Apprenticeship Learning) Program and the study abroad Engineering Internships in Hannover and Clausthal Program are two such opportunities that are available to ME students.  Note that many international internships will have some level of language requirements. In some locations, internships are not paid. You should obtain written description of the terms of the internship before making a decision. 

These programs are administered by the OPP or the Purdue Study Abroad Office and your should apply with them.

Semester or Year-long Study Abroad Programs (SA)

The Purdue Study Abroad Program offers many study abroad destinations for Purdue students.  There are a variety of semester-long or year-long destinations.  We encourage you to visit the Purdue Study Abroad website to find the destination that interests you.  We do want to remind you when searching for a destination to check the following:

  • Academic calendar - many countries have different academic schedule than the US.  For example, in Germany, summer semester typically runs from April through July and winter semester runs from October through February.
  • Language requirement - although many international institutions offer courses taught in English, the selection may be limited for engineering courses.

Visit the study abroad website to find a destination that fits you and apply with the Purdue Study Abroad Program Office.