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International Students 21% 51 Unique countries represented Fall 2023 enrollment data

Exploring Careers in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers design, analyze, and manage complex human-integrated systems such as manufacturing systems, supply chain networks, and service systems. These systems typically consist of a combination of people, information, material, and equipment. In such systems industrial engineers determine how to optimize the system for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, safety, or some objective of interest to the stakeholders of the system.

An industrial engineer draws upon knowledge of mathematics, along with physical, engineering, management, and behavioral sciences to function as a problem-solver, innovator, designer, coordinator, and system integrator. Industrial engineers apply their skills in an extremely wide range of organizations, including manufacturing industries, service industries, and governmental agencies.

After graduation many IE alumni become CEO's, CIO's, Managers, Presidents/Chairmen and VPs of Global Operations, across a wide span of industries and sectors.

In Their Own Words

The BSIE Degree prepares you for a wide range of jobs in a tremendous variety of fields. This gives graduates flexibility to pursue careers in almost any profession you can imagine!

Undergraduate Research

Students in Industrial Engineering benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of Industrial Engineering. There are numerous opportunities to pursue undergraduate research in a wide breadth of areas! Check out the videos below to hear from Conor (triboelectric nanogenerators, sustainable and non-invasive health monitoring), Rachael (sustainability in bike-sharing programs) and Frank (data analysis in motorsports).

Purdue engineers have an interest in changing the world, making an impact in their communities, and doing meaningful work. Strong leadership characteristics, ingenuity, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and technical proficiency are among the main competencies that our students gain. Purdue engineering is dedicated to helping students attain the skills and attributes needed to succeed in this rapidly-changing global economy.

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