Prospective Students

41% Women Students
13 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio

With 50+ years of engineering innovation, our program is a first-choice destination for those whose interests and abilities lie across academic disciplines, and for whom the practice of engineering revolves around a focused concentration that integrates engineering and non-engineering knowledge.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

Multidisciplinary Engineering is an intersectional field, bringing together engineering and other areas of study, or combining multiple areas of engineering in a unique way that are currently not being served by a traditional field of engineering.This ABET accredited program offers considerable flexibility and permits students to choose from 9 established plans of study around a focused concentration combining several academic disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies is for students who want an engineering education but do not plan to practice engineering, but rather work at the interface between engineering and other disciplines such as Pre-Medical Engineering Studies or Pre-Law Engineering Studies.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Concentrations

Multidisciplinary Engineering is an ABET accredited major designed for students who want to practice engineering around a focused concentration by combining or involving several academic disciplines.

Hearing From Our Students and Alumni

Purdue engineers have an interest in changing the world, making an impact in their communities, and doing meaningful work. Strong leadership characteristics, ingenuity, adaptability, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and technical proficiency are among the main competencies that our students gain. Purdue engineering is dedicated to helping students attain the skills and attributes needed to succeed in this rapidly-changing global economy.

ENE Undergraduate Office


Chris Pekny
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Dr. Robin Adams
Neil Armstrong Hall, Room 1339
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West Lafayette, IN 47907-2035

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