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$105,000 Highest Starting Salary EEE Undergraduate Senior Exit Survey
$67,300 Average Starting Salary EEE Undergraduate Senior Exit Survey
92% of BSEEE Students Graduate in 4 Years

Meet a Purdue Environmental and Ecological Engineering Student:

Griffin Laihinen

"The idea of being able to get engaged with the community at large that is right around Purdue and within Lafayette is something that I didn't really expect to get to experience. And I'm super thankful to be able to work with people that are directly impacted by the work that we're doing here on campus." - Griffin Laihinen (BSEEE '24)

Kendall Cuddy

The most rewarding part about working in manufacturing is the large scale on which you can affect change. Spring Hill is GM's largest North American plant, so emissions reductions or-zero-waste:improvements are on a much larger scale when done here. No two days are ever the same and I always feel as if I am being challenged." ~ Kendall Cuddy (BSEE 2021), Environmental Engineer, General Motors (Spring Hill, TN) 

Nafissa Maiga

I always knew that I wanted to do a job that related to the environment. EEE was the perfect place for me to reinforce that interest and make that goal possible. EEE just felt like home to me. It was the first place where I was given such eye-opening experiences and one-of-a-kind courses. The program allowed me to explore so many different aspects of environmental engineering, and I know that I am prepared for the journey that I am about to start." ~ Nafissa Mäiga (BSEEE 2021 / MSEEE 2023), Water Resource Engineer, Jacobs (Philadelphia, PA)

Ashley Sanchez

I chose EEE because I want to do impactful work that transcends me as an individual. I can’t be passionate about a major/career if I don’t believe I am making a difference. I was also drawn to the professor-to-student ratio of the program. I appreciate that each of my professors are willing to get to know me and make time for me. This sense of community has been significant in my growth as a student and a future engineer." ~ Ashley Sanchez Gonzalez (BSEEE 2022 / MSEEE 2023)EDGE Professional, Black & Veatch  (Goshen, IN)

David Zelinka

EEE helped evolve and adapt my worldview, expand my capacity to understand complex issues, and prepared me to be the systems-thinking expert I am today. The climate, environment, and ecological curriculum are wholly unique. Ten years later, I still reference coursework, books, and projects from my BSEEE degree.” ~ Dr. David Zelinka (BSEEE 2013)Climate Data Specialist, Opera; Founder/Consultant, Civitas Systems (Boulder, CO) 

EEE allowed me to explore a variety of sustainability topics and tailor my education to the career that I wanted through interactive design projects, global engineering teams, and my co-op experience. My daily mission is to work creatively and collaboratively to develop materials and products that are guided by both global consumer needs and sustainability." ~ Jenna Klinedinst (BSEEE 2018 / MSEEE 2019)Lead Scientist - Sustainability Research, Kimberly-Clark (Neenah, WI) 


EEE Curriculum

EEE provides the only Purdue College of Engineering major that leads to an ABET accredited BS degree in environmental engineering (BSEEE). Students learn to approach problems holistically, considering the entire life cycle of a product/process, as well as the broader environmental and ecological contexts. This scope includes assessing the social, political, cultural, and economic restrictions that influence the real-world feasibility of implementing environmental solutions.

Undergraduate coursework in EEE focuses on environmental issues, ecological interactions, the complexity and connectivity between systems, and "designing for the environment." Required core topics include systems modeling, urban ecology, industrial sustainability, environmental modeling and remediation, and life-cycle analysis. EEE also requires coursework in advanced math/statistics and other engineering fundamentals. Technical elective topics can include soil and water resource engineering, global and environmental issues, water and wastewater treatment, hydrology, disaster and emergency relief, habitat restoration, air pollution control and design, and climate action initiatives.

Every student receives guidance in identifying the right topics for them, based on their long-term goals, as they engage with an assigned Faculty Mentor and Academic Advisor.

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