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93% of our Students Graduate with Internship or Co-Op Experience
$70,793 Average Starting Salary of Civil Engineering Graduates
#4 Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program U.S. News & World Report, 2024

Exploring Careers in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is an extremely broad major that prepares its graduates to be stewards of our natural and built environments while working to improve our quality of life. CE’s are at the forefront of tackling complex challenges in designing human habitats and protecting our environment. The Lyles School of Civil Engineering prepares its students to lead in the development of safe and resilient forms of shelter, the design of safe and efficient methods to transport people and goods, providing access to clean water and sanitation, ensuring access to sustainable and clean energy systems, and more! Civil Engineers make a positive impact in everyone’s daily life by meeting these and other critical societal needs.

Lyles School of Civil Engineering graduates hold many challenging positions in Aviation/Aerospace, Construction, Energy, Engineering Consulting, Government, Real Estate, Renewables/Environment, Transportation/Logistics and many other exciting industries. At Purdue CE, we encourage our students to have big, bold, noble dreams and empower them to realize those visions as civil engineers.

Civil Engineering

The BSCE Degree allows graduates to plan, design, implement, and maintain a wide variety of projects using emerging technologies and innovative thinking. Maybe you can be can be the engineer to design mile-high skyscrapers; mega-buildings housing over 100,000 people; highway systems moving cars 10 times more efficiently; high-speed rail systems that make current air travel seem like horse-and-buggy rides; or 3D-printed homes that are self-sufficient, reconfigurable, disaster-proof, water/light-efficient, and produce zero pollution.

"Work hard, don't give up, have vision, be creative and elevate standards while making a positive impact to the community. Most importantly make it fun and love what you do."

– Ersal Ozdemir (BSCE 1997), Chairman & CEO Keystone Group, 2022 Civil Engineering Alumni Achievement Award Recipient

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