March 7, 2022

Celebrating the women faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University features 16 women faculty members. They are experts in fluid mechanics, robotics, sustainability, acoustics, structural monitoring, human-machine interaction, turbomachinery, computational engineering, heat transfer, and much more. In honor of Women's History Month, let's meet these amazing women.
January 8, 2022

Making the world safer: electronic warfare expert Bill Conley

The downside to changing the face of modern electronic warfare is that afterwards, you can't tell anyone how you did it! Such is the success of Bill Conley (BSME '03, Ph.D. '09), who utilized his Purdue Engineering experience by shaping future technologies at DARPA, the Pentagon, and now, private industry.
December 31, 2021

Raymond Viskanta (1931-2021)

Raymond Viskanta, who served as a professor of mechanical engineering for 39 years, passed away on December 27, 2021.
December 22, 2021

Meet our 2020-2021 Outstanding Mechanical Engineers

Every year, the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University recognizes alumni who have demonstrated excellence in industry, academia, governmental service, or other endeavors related to mechanical engineering. This year, we are welcoming 17 alumni to this special group of Outstanding Mechanical Engineers.
December 20, 2021

Robert Kohr: from tragedy comes a lasting legacy

In 1969, Robert Kohr was a well-respected professor of mechanical engineering at Purdue. After speaking at a conference in Cincinnati, his flight back to Indianapolis collided with another plane in mid-air. 83 people were killed, including Professor Kohr. He was 44 years old. In 2021, Purdue honored him posthumously with the Outstanding Mechanical Engineer award.
December 16, 2021

New 1-year co-op option: Learning While Working

Hundreds of Purdue Engineering students take advantage of co-ops, alternating semesters between in-classroom learning and working in industry. Now there's a new option: Learning While Working, where students work one full calendar year for a company, and still graduate on time. Greg Shaver is piloting the program with Cummins.
December 15, 2021

Michelle Moody: the glue that holds Zucrow Labs together

As Laboratory Coordinator at the world's largest academic propulsion lab, Michelle Moody has a big job. But her efforts have made Zucrow Labs a better place for everyone. Purdue's College of Engineering recently recognized Michelle with their Support and Customer Service staff award.
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