June 16, 2021

Bring the outdoors in: The energy-efficient method for using 100% outdoor air in buildings

A key lesson from the COVID pandemic is the inherent risk of spreading disease through indoor air recirculation. One way to mitigate that risk is to incorporate outdoor air; however, dehumidifying that air requires huge amounts of energy. Purdue University engineers have proposed a system that combines new membrane technology with the latest HVAC systems, to make 100% outdoor air systems economically feasible – especially in warm, humid climates.
June 13, 2021

OpenVenti: Vicente Adum helps to bring hope to Ecuador

While North America may be rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic, much of South America is still in the trenches fighting the disease. In Ecuador, Purdue alum Vicente Adum (MSME '02) is part of a team called OpenVenti, who designed and manufactured an open-source ventilator, donating hundreds of them to Ecuadorian hospitals where they are still very much in need.
June 11, 2021

Spring 2021 Dean's List

Congratulations to all of our Purdue ME students who made the Spring 2021 Dean's List and received Academic Honors. This site will allow you to print a custom certificate to mark the occasion!
June 8, 2021

NASA funds hyperspectral imaging at Zucrow Labs

En'Urga Inc has received a $125,000 grant from NASA to develop a hyperspectral imager, to help with combustion research at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Jay Gore will oversee the Phase I experiments at Zucrow Labs.
June 6, 2021

Purdue ME Legends and Lore

As Purdue's oldest engineering school, Mechanical Engineering has had its fair share of legends, lore, and unforgettable characters. In this excerpt from a 1995 booklet, we share some of the more interesting stories gathered from the recollections of students, professors, and alumni from the past 150 years.
May 27, 2021

Fridge tested in zero gravity

Standard refrigerators use vapor compression to cool down your food. But in space, there is no gravity to keep vapors and liquids secure. Purdue researchers have worked with NASA, Air Squared, and Whirlpool to create a prototype fridge that works in zero gravity, preserving food for potential long-term space flights.
May 25, 2021

Purdue Baja: Building a race car during a pandemic

Designing and building a race car from scratch is a huge accomplishment. Changing from a 2-wheel-drive design to 4-wheel-drive requires even more perseverance. Doing so remotely, during a pandemic? That's a freaking miracle. Purdue Baja Racing not only pulled this off, but finished as a top ten team in the 2021 Baja SAE competition.
May 24, 2021

Vacca publishes fluid power textbook

Andrea Vacca has just published a new textbook, Hydraulic Fluid Power: Fundamentals, Applications, and Circuit Design. Vacca is the director of Maha Fluid Power Research Center, the largest academic hydraulics lab in the country.
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