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Design Presentation

March 6th, 2019 6:30pm | ME 1061


The Indy Autonomous Challenge is an autonomous IndyCar race held at the Indianapolis Motorspeedway.

Autonomous racing is the ultimate engineering challenge. Combining the mechanical design of traditional auto-racing with the cutting-edge software controls of driverless vehicles, autonomous go-karts are the perfect platform to design, build, and test the vehicles of tomorrow.

The driver is replaced with a variety of sensors placed throughout the kart. These sensors act as the eyes and ears of the vehicle, feeding the data to a control algorithm that students develop and tune. Machine learning (artificial intelligence) is often used to interpret sensor data. The challenge is who can engineer and build the most effective and fast driverless kart.

Autonomous racing brings a new thrill to the track combining high-speed karting with fascinatingly advanced technologies.
Look at the competition page to learn more.

Team has future plans of building autonomous electric formula car to the specifications of Formula Student Germany.


Velodyne Lidar (V16)
Top Kart Chassis
Motenergy ME1117 PMAC Motor
Gen 4 Size 2 Brushless Motorcontroller


Slam implementation of ROS Navigation Stack


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Phase 1

Built kart's chassis and worked on high level diagrams. Click to read more.

Phase 2

Designed drivetrain, set up repo and started to develop gazebo simulations. Click to read more.

Phase 3

Implemented ROS Navigation Stack. Click to read more.

Velodyne Demos

Demonstrated functionality of Velodyne Lidar using ROS Navigation Stack.


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