Design. Build. Race.

About Formula SAE

Formula SAE (FSAE) is a student design competition endorsed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Each year SAE International challenges students to design, build, and race a small open wheel car. During the design phase, students must adhere to competition rules created by SAE International. These rules encourage students to create more innovative designs and test their engineering skills with real world problems.

The Formula SAE competition is designed to test each team’s knowledge of various aspects of vehicle design and manufacturing. Each year, student built cars are presented to members of industry who judge  their engineering decisions and designs. These critiques help teams learn about and improve upon designs. The cars are also rigorously tested during dynamic events which evaluate drivability, reliability, and the overall performance of the car. Both static and dynamic events are used to determine a winner.

About Purdue FSAE

Purdue University is recognized world-wide for its excellent engineering program. Members of the Purdue Formula SAE team create a well-designed car each year by combining the theory learned in class with hands-on skills. Students utilize engineering skills and state of the art tools to manufacture and validate the new car. Our team is comprised primarily of mechanical engineering students, but we also welcome students from other majors. Purdue FSAE is first and foremost a team. Our team spends an enormous amount of time together throughout the school year which helps us work together effectively. We collaborate to find new ways to combine our wide array of engineering talents and experiences to build and design a unique race car.

Our Mission

To represent the pinnacle of project-based undergraduate engineering at Purdue University through the SAE Collegiate Design Series by developing the abilities of team members to their maximum potential in engineering and team building.


Compete with schools from all around the world including the United States, Germany, Brazil, Poland, Austria and many more


Hands on experience with state–of–the–art software and manufacturing processes


Direct access to many motorsport, aerospace, and automotive companies through networking events

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