• Buzz Aldrin 2015 VIP

    PSD 2016 Coming Soon

    We are actively planning Space Day 2016 so that we can inspire the next generation of astronauts!

  • Buzz Aldrin 2015 VIP

    Thank You Everyone!

    We would like to thank Buzz Aldrin, ShareSpace Foundation, and all of our volunteers for everything you've done to help make this one of the most successful Space Days to date!

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    Thanks to all of our Sponsors!

    Thank you to all of our great sponsors who have enabled us to inspire generations of children to reach for the stars!

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    1000 Thank Yous!

    Thanks to all of your support, we've hit the 1000 like milestone on facebook! 2000 likes, here we come!

  • Get Pumped!

    Get Pumped!

    The 21st Purdue Space Day is happening on October 22, 2016 and our executive board is working hard to make sure it is a memorable one!

  • Join our Legacy.

    Purdue Space Day has been inspiring kids since 1996. Pictured are Purdue astronauts David Wolf, Scott Tingle, and Andrew Feustel who were our VIP guests for PSD 2012!


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