Three Continents One Project - A Pilot Study on Global Engagement

Session Th1: Nov 11, 12:05 PM


Throughout the 21st century, there has been an increased emphasis on globalization and interdisciplinary cooperation in the practice of engineering.  This has coincided with technological advancements such as virtual conferencing.  In an effort to prepare students for these ongoing trends, a pilot study on global engagement through a collaborative capstone design project was conducted.  In this project, electrical and mechanical engineering students from Chongqing University (China), University of Lorraine (France), and University of Cincinnati (USA) formed virtual interdisciplinary teams to design and construct an innovative bicycle shelter.    

Within a short period of time, the virtual teams had to organize, plan, develop, and implement a design.  This presentation shares observations, experiences, and reflections of the students on: 

  • International Project Management
  • Cross cultural constraints
  • Interdisciplinary interactions
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility and adjustments