Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Celebration (April 3-5, 2003)

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Video: Opening Dinner

0:00 Suresh Garimella
2:14 Ray Viskanta
9:16 Dan Hirleman
16:09 Pete McFadden
28:48 Bill Cottingham
34:01 Frank Incropera

Video: Hawkins Lecture: John Sununu

0:00 Dan Hirleman
2:11 Martin Jischke
6:33 John Sununu: The Engineer in the Public Policy Arena
50:30 Q&A

Video: History of Heat Transfer and Alumni Stories

0:00 Marcus Bianchi
4:03 Brent Webb (History of Purdue Heat Transfer)
22:18 Paul Zmola
39:10 Morris Ojalvo
44:03 Ray Viskanta
55:44 Charlie Fritsch
1:03:53 Louis Burmeister
1:13:43 Ray Chupp
1:22:30 Ed Drexler
1:27:43 Pinar Menguc
1:30:56 James Maughan
1:35:36 Dave Wolf
1:41:10 Mark Pellerin
1:46:47 Brent Webb
1:49:33 Marcus Bianchi wrap-up

Video: Bob Watts: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

0:00 Jay Gore introduction
2:10 video clip
4:09 Bob Watts (Ph.D. ’65)

Event Proceedings

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2003 Heat Transfer Celebration Complete Program

The Legends of Purdue Heat Transfer
Brent W. Webb, Brigham Young University

Panel 1:  Contributions to Heat Transfer Research: Purdue and Beyond

Modeling of Solidification
Christoph Beckermann, University of Iowa

Phase Change Heat Transfer - A Review of Purdue Research
Vijay K. Dhir, University of California, Los Angeles

Characterization of Fine Particles Via Elliptically-Polarized Light Scattering
M. Pinar Mengüç, University of Kentucky

Smart Blending: Functional Fine-Scale Structures Formed by Intelligent Agitations in Multi-Component Melts
D. A. Zumbrunnen, Clemson University

Panel 2:  Heat Transfer Education

Thermal System Design at the University of Kansas
Louis C. Burmeister, University of Kansas

Teaching Micro/Nanoscale Heat Transfer
Gang Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heat Transfer Education: Integration of the Thermal Sciences Stem
David P. DeWitt, Purdue University & Richard S. Figliola, Clemson University

Heat Transfer on Planetary Scales
Robert G. Watts, Tulane University

Panel 3:  Emerging Areas

AFM Imaging of Biological Membranes: Optimal Operation and Data Interpretation Through Understanding of Transport Phenomena
Tai-Hsi Fan & Andrei G. Fedorov, Georgia Institute of Technology

Nanoscale Mass Transport in Liquids
Arun Majumdar, University of California

Funding Trends for Basic Research in Heat Transfer: A National Science Foundation Perspective
Richard N. Smith, National Science Foundation

Transport Issues in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
C. Y. Wang, Pennsylvania State University