Candidate Checklist for

You should only register for candidacy in the final semester in which you will be completing all degree-required coursework. It is your responsibility to make sure all degree requirements have been met, before filing for candidacy.  Registering for candidacy 3 times in a row attracts a fee of $200 from the Purdue Graduate School.

To help review if all degree requirements have been met, please check against the list below:

  • Cumulative GPA is at least 3.0
  • Plan of study is updated with required courses for your degree, and is complete:
    • Minimum of 30 credits of graduate level coursework (500- and 600- level) that are technical and quantitative-in-content.  Please see for the most current courses approved per math/professional/technical categories.
    • Includes 3 credit hours from Section 1: Core Courses in Applied Mathematics
    •  Includes 9 credit hours from Section 2. Core Courses in Management/Professional Development
    • Incudes 12 credit hours from your chosen engineering specialization area, as listed on your POS, and from Section 3: Course Options in your Area of Specialization
    • Includes 6 credit hours to meet requirements of Section 4: Technical Electives.  Can be met with 6 credits of grad-level (500- or 600-level) technical and quantitative in content courses from within ME or from outside ME, or up to 6 independent study credits, or up to 6 credits of approved transfer courses, or a combination of these.
  • Register as CAND 991 in the scheduling assistant before the end of the first week of classes.


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