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Zucrow Naming Opportunities - Phase III

Zucrow Phase 3 Plan

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Colored areas are available for naming, gray areas are no longer available.

Naming the upgraded High Pressure Lab: $1M

Even in its present state, the High Pressure Lab is the premier university laboratory for propulsion research with capabilities comparable to some government labs. The building has a rich history dating back to the Apollo era and still boasts some of the highest pressure rocket experiments ever conducted. The lab’s contribution to the Space Shuttle Main Engine in the late 1960’s is certainly one of the historical highlights. The upgraded laboratory will not only maintain Purdue’s preeminence in propulsion and power research facilities, but will attract new faculty and staff due to the unique capabilities. To accommodate growth in research and needed capabilities, the High Pressure Lab (HPL) control room and office spaces will be expanded by constructing 3640 square feet of new space on the north end of the existing HPL structure. In many ways, HPL has the ideal configuration for productive lab work as students have desks in the same building as their experimental facility. At present, we have 2-3 students sharing each desk, there is no formal conference facility, and there is room for only a single control room. The 3640 square foot expansion provides for tripling the number of graduate student desks, adding faculty/customer offices for detailed discussions with students, as well as space for two new control rooms, a conference room and a kitchenette/break room. Finally, a 40-space illuminated parking lot will be added to provide enhanced space for additional cars.

1 - Control Rooms: $20K per Control Room
The facility will include three control rooms, each 120 square feet. The control rooms feature computer interfaces to remotely control hazardous experiments. They also have numerous monitors that display the surroundings in the vicinity of the experiment to insure that no personnel are in unsafe areas when tests are conducted. Given the high pressure, high flow experiments conducted at the lab, the Control Room becomes a focal point of the facility when test operations are underway.

2 - Conference Room: $60K
A 330-square-foot conference room will give the building room for group meetings. Sponsors can review data with students and MZL staff. The room can be used to display overview slides or other presentation material for visitors. Students and staff use this space for group lunches and it provides a special place to establish camaraderie amongst the group.

3 - Faculty/Staff Offices: $10K each
Faculty and staff are of course the life blood of the laboratory. Having a remote office (to be shared among several faculty) provide individuals time to meet privately with students and still maintain a presence during test operations. At present, we don’t have any office space of this type and it is challenging for faculty to remain productive when tedious test operations are proceeding. Four faculty and staff offices will be added, each unit will be 100 square feet.

4 - Instrumentation Room (Computer Data/Storage): $200K
A 30’ x 58’ office area will offer space for 32 cubicles and will represent the majority of the addition. Student spaces adjacent to the lab provides for opportunities to do both office work (e-mail, homework, thesis and paper writing, ordering supplies) as well as the hands-on experimental work at the other end of the building.