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Gatewood Lower Level Plan

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Gold areas are available for naming, shaded areas are no longer available.

Applied Optics 1 & 2 Laboratories - $250,000 EACH

The Applied Optics Laboratories 1 & 2 will be used for research activities by faculty and students specializing in the optics field as well as by those from other areas who require the equipment to conduct short term tests of optical methods for possible use in their own research.  Equipment available will include various lasers, optical tables, optical elements (lenses, prisms, filters, etc.), holders and precision positioning equipment, detectors, video cameras, and a variety of electronic instruments.  The space will have sufficient laboratory benches, storage cabinets, and electrical outlets.  It will also have provision for total darkness in half of the room while the lights remain on in the other half.  Temperature and humidity control will be made available as well.  (Rooms B157 and B147)

Micro/Nanoscale Research Laboratory - $500,000

This laboratory space will support the rapidly growing graduate education and research in Micro-Nanoscale systems, materials and processes.  The interdisciplinary area has recently been described by NSF as one the three transcendent technologies of the 21stcentury.  It will support research activities in micro and nanoscale energy transfer, laser-based microscale fabrication (Center for Laser Microfabrication), micro and nano scale sensor and actuator development, micro and nanoscale transport phenomena in biological systems, bioMEMS, microfluidics, micro-material testing for MEMS and nanoscale metrology (Consortium for Metrology of Semiconductor Nanodefects).  Current and potential new faculty members, visiting scholars, and more than twenty graduate students will be actively using the lab facilities.  The facility will foster synergy among faculty in many different areas, including Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Design, and SMAC (Systems, Measurement and Control.)  (Room B142)

Flame Diagnostics Laboratory - $1,000,000

This is a research laboratory currently located in the old wing of the School of Mechanical Engineering building that is conducting research and development work in the areas flame diagnostics and fundamental combustion research.  The laboratory, currently located in two rooms, will be updated and placed together with the additional space and equipment needs to be state-of-the-art in this important research area for ME.  (Room B102)

Computational Biomechanics Laboratory - $250,000

This lab will support the growing importance of information technology and massive computations in the prediction of material and device properties and performance at nanoscale. It is necessary to develop a concentration of computational capabilities for graduate education and research for the rapidly growing area of computational mechanics and nanotechnology. (Room B150)