Yung C. Shin

Yung Shin

Donald A. and Nancy G. Roach Distinguished Professor of Advanced Manufacturing

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088

Office: POTR 222

Phone: +1 765 49-49775
FAX: +1 765 494 0539


  • B.S. Seoul National, '76
  • M.S. KAIST, '78
  • Ph.D. Wisconsin, '84

Research Interests

  • Laser additive manufacturing
  • Ultrafast laser matter interaction
  • Laser welding
  • Laser assisted machining
  • Laser shock peening
  • Multi-physics, multi-scale modeling
  • Micro-nano manufacturing

Awards and Recognitions

  • Donald A. and Nancy G. Roach Distinguished Professor of Advanced Manufacturing, 2020-present.
  • College of Engineering, Faculty Awards of Excellence, Research, 2018.
  • S.M. Wu Research Implementation Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2016.
  • SME Frederick W. Taylor Research Medal, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2015.
  • Best paper of the year award, Journal of Laser Applications, Laser Institute of America, 2012.
  • Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2012.
  • Best paper award, ASME International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, June 13-17, 2011, Corvallis, Oregon.
  • Fellow, ASME, 2010.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award for the 2008 Indiana 21st Century Research & Technology Fund.
  • Donald A. and Nancy G. Roach Endowed Chair Professor of Advanced Manufacturing, 2008- present.
  • Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award, ASME, 2007.
  • University Seeds of Excellence Award, 2005.
  • Manufacturing LEAD excellence award, SME, 1997.

Selected Publications

Liu, S. and Shin, Y.C., “Prediction of 3D Microstructure and Phase Distributions of Ti6Al4V Built by the Directed Energy Deposition Process via Combined Multi-Physics Models”, Additive Manufacturing, 2020.

Katinas, C. and Shin, Y.C., “Prediction of Initial Transient Behavior with stationary heating during Laser Powder Bed Fusion Processes”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 153, June 2020, 119663.

Bailey, N., Hong, K.M. and Shin, Y.C., “Comparative Assessment of Dendrite Growth and Microstructure Predictions during Laser Welding of Al 6061 via 2D and 3D Phase Field Models”, Computational Material Science. Vol. 172, 109291, 2020.

Liu, S., Hong, K.M., Katinas, C. and Shin, Y.C., “Multiphysics Modeling of Phase Transformation in Laser Direct Deposited Ti6Al4V”, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Volume 45, September 2019, Pages 579-587.

Zhang, B., Liu, S., and Shin, Y.C., “In-Process Monitoring of Porosity During Laser Additive Manufacturing Process”, Additive Manufacturing, Vol. 28, August 2019, pp. 497-505.

Pellone, L., Inamke, G., Hong, K.M. and Shin, Y.C., “The Effects of Interface Gap and Shielding Gas on the Welding Quality During Fiber Laser Lap Welding of AA6061-T6”, Journal of Materials Processing Technology. Volume 268, June 2019, Pages 201-212

Elkhateeb, M. and Shin, Y.C., “Investigation of Machining Behavior Ti6Al4V/TiC Composites during Conventional and Laser-assisted Machining”, Trans. of the ASME, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 2019, 141(5), 051001 (Mar 04, 2019).

Dong, X. and Shin, Y.C., “Microstructure Evolution Analysis within Multi-Phase Steels during Rolling Processes via Predictive Modeling”, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Volume 150, January 2019, Pages 576-583.

Katinas, C., Liu, S., Shin, Y.C., “Self-Sufficient Modeling of Single Track Deposition of Ti-6Al-4V with the Prediction of Capture Efficiency”, Trans. of the ASME, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Jan. 2019, Vol. 141, 011001.

Dong, X. and Shin, Y.C., “Crack Formation within Ceramics via Coupled Multiscale Genome and XFEM Predictions under Various Loading Conditions”, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 204, 2018, Pages 517-530.

Zhang, B. and Shin, Y.C., “A Multimodal Intelligent Monitoring System for Turning Processes”, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, Volume 35, October 2018, Pages 547-558.

Shin, Y.C., Bailey, N., Katinas, C., Tan, W., “Predictive Modeling Capabilities from Incident Powder and Laser to Mechanical Properties for Laser Directed Energy Deposition”, Computational Mechanics, May 2018, Volume 61, Issue 5, pp 617–636.

Tan, W. and Shin, Y.C., "Analysis of Multi-Phase Interaction and Its Effect on Keyhole Dynamics with A Multi-Physics Numerical Model" Journal of Physics, Applied Physics D, 47 (2014) 345501.

Zhao, X. and Shin, Y.C., "Coulomb Explosion and Early Plasma Generation during Femtosecond Laser Ablation of Silicon at High Laser Fluence", Journal of Physics, Applied Physics D, 46(33), 335501 (2013). https://10.1088/0022-3727/46/33/335501