Patricia Davies

Patricia Davies

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Ray W. Herrick Laboratories
Purdue University,
140 South Martin Jischke Drive,
West Lafayette,
IN 47907-2031

Office: HLAB 2004

Phone: +1 765 49-49274
FAX: +1 765 494 0787


  • B.S. Bristol, '77
  • M.S. Southampton, '81
  • Ph.D. Southampton, '85

Research Interests

  • Sound quality
  • Signal Processing
  • Data analysis
  • System modeling and identification
  • Condition monitoring of machinery
  • Perception-based engineering
  • Seat-occupant modeling

Selected Publications

S. More, P. Davies. Noise Control Engineering Journal, 58(4), 2010, 420-440. Human responses to the tonalness of aircraft noise.

G. A. Joshi, A.K. Bajaj, P. Davies, Industrial Health, 28(5), 2010, 663-674. Whole-body vibratory response study using a nonlinear multi-body model.

B. M. Sullivan, P. Davies, K. K. Hodgdon, J. A. Salamone III and A. Pilon. Noise Control Engineering Journal, 56(2), 2008, 141-157. Realism assessment of sonic boom simulators.

R.D. Widdle Jr., A.K. Bajaj, P. Davies. International Journal of Engineering Science, 46, 2008, 31–49. Measurement of the Poisson’s ratio of flexible polyurethane foam and its influence on a uniaxial compression model.

R. K. Ippili, P. Davies, A. K. Bajaj and L. Hagenmeyer. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 38(5-6) May-June 2008, 368-383. Nonlinear multi-body dynamic modeling of seat-occupant system with polyurethane seat and H-point prediction.

R. Deng, P. Davies, A.K. Bajaj, Signal Processing, 86(10), 2006, 2728-2743. A nonlinear fractional derivative model for large uni-axial deformation behavior of polyurethane foam.

R. Deng, P. Davies and A.K. Bajaj, Nonlinear Dynamics, 38(1-4), 2004, 247-265. A case study on the use of fractional derivatives: the low-frequency viscoelastic uni-directional behavior of polyurethane foam.

A. Hastings, K. H. Lee, P. Davies, and A. Surprenant, Noise Control Engineering Journal, 51(4), 195-204, July-August 2003. Measurement of the attributes of complex tonal components commonly found in product sound.

R. Singh, P. Davies and A.K. Bajaj, Nonlinear Dynamics, 34(3-4), 319-346, 2003. Identification of nonlinear and viscoelastic properties of flexible polyurethane foam.

A.K. Bajaj, P. Davies and B. Banerjee, Journal of Vibration and Control, 10(11), 1663-1697, 2004. Nonstationary responses in externally excited two-degree-of-freedom nonlinear systems with 1:2 internal resonance.