Bumsoo Han

Bumsoo Han

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Professor of Biomedical Engineering (by Courtesy)

School of Mechanical Engineering
Purdue University
585 Purdue Mall
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088

Office: ME 2157, BRK 2276

Phone: 765-494-5626
FAX: 765-494-7535


  • BS, Seoul National University, '93
  • MS, Seoul National University, '96
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, '01

Research Interests

  • Biotransport phenomena
  • Cell-fluid-matrix interaction
  • Biopreservation of engineered tissue
  • Thermal therapy for cancer
  • Drug delivery

Research Area(s)

Awards and Recognitions

  • Postdoctoral Traineeship Award, 2003, US Department of Defense, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program
  • Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, 2008, National Science Foundation
  • Best Paper Award, 2008, ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference, (Award made to K. Y. Teo at the Student Paper Competition)
  • Research Excellence Award, 2008-2009, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Richard Skalak Best Paper Award, 2010, ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, (B. Han et al., 2009, "Freezing-induced fluid-matrix interaction in poroelastic material," Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol. 131, 021002: 1-8)

Ten Select Publications

C.-L. Wang*, K. Y. Teo, and B. Han, 2008, "An amino acid adjuvant to augment cryoinjury of MCF-7 breast cancer cells," Cryobiology, vol. 57, pp. 52-59.

B. Han*, J. D. Miller* and J. K. Jung, 2009, "Freezing-induced fluid-matrix interaction in poroelastic material," Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol. 131, 021002: 1-8.

B. Han*, W. L. Hanson*, K. Bensalah, A. Tuncel, J. M. Stern, and J. A. Cadeddu, 2009 "Development of quantum dot-mediated fluorescence thermometry for thermal therapies," Annals of Biomedical Engineering, vol. 37, pp.1230-1239.

K. Y. Teo* and B. Han, 2009, "Freezing-assisted intracellular drug delivery to multi-drug resistant cancer cells," Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol. 131, 074531:1-4.

K. Y. Teo*, J. C. Dutton and B. Han, 2010, "Spatiotemporal measurement of freezing-induced deformation of engineered tissues," Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, vol. 132, 031003:1-8.

L. Xu*, B. J. Lee*, W. L. Hanson* and B. Han, 2010, "Brownian motion induced dynamic near-field interaction between quantum dots and plasmonic nanoparticles in aqueous medium," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 96, 174101:1-3.

K. Bensalah*, A. Tuncel*, W. L. Hanson*, J. M. Stern, B. Han and J. A. Cadeddu, 2010, "Monitoring of thermal dose during ablation therapy using quantum dot-mediated fluorescence thermometry," Journal of Endourology, vol. 24, pp.1903-1908.

K. Y. Teo*, T. O. DeHoyos, J. C. Dutton, F. Grinnell and B. Han, 2011, "Effects of freezing-induced cell-fluid-matrix interactions on the cells and extracellular matrix of engineered tissues," Biomaterials, vol. 32, pp.5380-5390.

S. Park*, P. A. L. Wijethunga, H. Moon and B. Han, 2011, "On-chip characterization of cryoprotective agent mixtures using an EWOD-based digital microfluidic device," Lab on a Chip, vol. 11, pp. 2212-2221.

B. M. Ibrahim*, S. Park*, B. Han and Y. Yeo, 2011, "A strategy to deliver genes to cystic fibrosis lungs: A battle with environment," Journal of Controlled Release, vol. 155, pp. 289-295.