Executive Director of Global Centers of Excellence
Cummins Distribution Business
Cummins, Inc.
BSME ’80

“Purdue Engineering gave me the concepts of integrated design and system engineering, making my work with the industries we serve possible. As a provider of power, Cummins’  “Right Technology” must be well integrated and provide value over the lifetime of the equipment. The opportunities to reach further for operating efficiency, safety and reduced carbon footprint are boundless. And Purdue Engineers will be in the midst of it all.”

Christine H. Hobbs is the Executive Director of Global Centers of Excellence for Cummins, Inc. She graduated from Purdue University in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Hobbs first joined Cummins as a Product Development Engineer in Research and Engineering where her assignments included advanced engine and adiabatic engineering, technology planning, and application engineering. She was named Project Leader for establishing the Cummins Child Development Center in Columbus, Indiana.

Hobbs then served as Executive Director of High Horsepower Consumer Engineering. She integrated Cummins engines into industrial equipment such as mining trucks, excavators, and well-servicing equipment. She collected data and analyzed the performance of equipment in harsh environments where the data was used to optimize production of equipment in the future.

Hobbs has been instrumental in building and strengthening the relationship between Purdue and Cummins, Inc. Giving back to the Purdue community she served for a number of years as the Cummins Campus Manager. She was also an early sponsor of the GEARE International Work Study Program for engineers, and developed the Cummins College of Engineering for Women internationally. In addition to these duties, Hobbs serves as an active member of the Purdue Mechanical Engineering Advisory Council.

Today, she works for the Centers of Excellence, a new division of Cummins, Inc. that enables team members to take direct responsibility for the development of new ideas and for making innovations profitable. Her work has a significant impact, increasing the company’s presence in the Oil and Gas and Commercial Marine markets.

Hobbs holds a patent and has published several technical papers on her work in engine development. She was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for the role she played in the Heavy Duty Working Group that led to new diesel fuel specifications that remain in place today.