Purdue students excel at Inter-Noise

Purdue students received several awards at Inter-Noise 2018, the annual conference held by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA).

Yiming Wang, a Ph.D. candidate under Kai Ming Li, received the Leo Beranek Student Medal, recognizing excellence in the study of Noise Control Engineering among graduate-level students.

Weonchan Sung, a Ph.D. candidate studying under Patricia Davies, received the Classic Papers in Noise Control Student Presentation Award, given to a student who presents a review of a classic or seminal paper in Noise Control Engineering. Weonchan gave an overview of Broner's 1978 paper on: The effect of low frequency noise on people and more recent research on the effects of low frequency noise. Purdue students have won this award 7 out of the last 8 years.

Yutong (Tony) Xue, studying under Stuart Bolton, was a winner of the Student Paper Competition. His paper was: A Comparison Between Glass Fibers and Polymeric Fibers when Serving as a Structural Damping Medium For Fuselage-like Structures.

Patricia Davies, professor of mechanical engineering, gave the plenary lecture on Perception-Based Engineering: Integrating Sound Perception into Engineering Design. Patricia is the director of Herrick Labs, home to Purdue's research in acoustics and noise control engineering.