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Purdue's Microsoft Campus agreement affects graduating students in the following ways:

1. Upon graduation, access to Sharepoint and OneDrive is revoked. OneDrive's 1T storage space is dropped to the standard amount available to free accounts. You should copy your files to different storage right away!

2. Your email remains valid for approximately six months after you graduate.

Given that the amount of email storage that you have is substantial, and is difficult to export into any reasonably accessible format, you need to plan on making a copy before you graduate.

At this point, you have a couple of options.

Option 1: You can migrate your email from your student mailbox to an alumni mailbox by exporting your mail into a .pst file, and importing it into your alumni account. Details can be found at:


Option 2: In this following example, we are using your personal Gmail address as an example. Similar settings are available from, and also if you want to move your email to a personal account.

Moving your mailbox into Gmail:

1. Go to Settings to the tab Import.
2. Press on Import mail and contacts.
3. Fill in your Purdue email account and password: As POP username, use your email, and use as POP Server.

Once this is done, your emails will start being transferred but this might take some hours/days.

Second, go to your Gmail account and configure as a sender. To do that follow the next steps:

1. Sign in to Gmail.
2. Click Settings.
3. Go to the Accounts tab.
4. Under Send mail as, find the email address that you want to configure and click edit info.
5. Deselect Treat as an alias.
6. Click Save Changes.

Detailed explanation at:

Wait for these steps to completely finish before proceeding!

The third thing you will need to do is redirect your email to your Gmail account. To do that you will access to Be aware that once you change this configuration you will not be able to access to your Purdue Office365 email, so this should be the last step once your email has been completely moved.

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