Plan of Study

Each graduate student admitted to a degree program must file a Plan of Study (POS) starting after the first week of classes. A plan of study is an academic contract among a student, the faculty members on the advisory committee, and the Graduate School.

  • Filing the plan of study is done electronically. Login to myPurdue with your Career Account userid and password.
  • Under “Graduate Students” click on “Graduate School Plan of Study”
  • The Graduate School provides access to the POSG (Plan of Study Generator) through the “Graduate School Intranet Database” link.
  • A new browser window will open with the POSG login screen; login again with your Career Account userid and password to proceed.
  • Click on the Plan of Study Generator link, then “Create new plan of study” link.
  • Refer to the “Help” buttons located on each page if you need assistance. You do not need to complete the entire form at one log in; you may save your plan of study and return to it later.

Once you have completed the plan of study and feel it is ready for review of your advisory committee:

  • Submit the Plan as draft; in draft this is the opportunity for your advisory committee to review the plan and for discussion about your academic and research goals;
  • The draft POS will also be reviewed by the POS coordinator who will advise you of revisions or to submit it as ‘final’. DO NOT submit your POS as final until you have received approval from your advisory committee.
  • Once the POS is submitted as final, it will be electronically routed, reviewed, and if approved, signed by the departmental POS coordinator, your advisory committee and the Graduate School.
  • You may check the status of your plan at any time by returning to the POSG and click on “View”.
  • Once the Graduate School has approved your plan of study, you should check it each semester to monitor your academic degree progress.

Acceptable math courses for the ME Plan of Study

MS programs require a minimum of six credit hours of applied math courses. At least one of these must be a MA 50000 or 60000 level course. Three credit hours may be from the list of approved applied math courses offered in other departments at Purdue, listed below.

D-PhD and PhD degree programs require a minimum of nine credit hours of applied math courses, usually three courses. At least two courses must be MA 50000 or 60000 level courses. Math courses taken during the MS may be included as PhD applied math courses.

Approved Math Courses in ME

  • ME 58000 Nonlinear Engineering Systems
  • ME 58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  • ME 59700 Data Analytics for Scientists and Engineers
  • ME 60800 Numerical Methods in Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer
  • ME 61200 Continuum Mechanics
  • ME 61400 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 68100 Finite & Boundary Element Methods

Approved Math Courses from Other Schools

  • CE 59500 Finite Elements in Elasticity
  • CS 57700 Natural Language Processing
  • CS 57800 Statistical Machine Learning
  • ECE 60000 Random Variables and Signals
  • ECE 60200 Lumped System Theory
  • IE 69000 Stochastic Network Analysis
  • STAT 51100 Statistical Methods
  • STAT 51200 Applied Regression Analysis
  • STAT 51400 Design of Experiments
  • STAT 52200 Sampling & Survey Techniques
  • AAE 51200 Computational Aerodynamics
  • AAE 51600 Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • AAE 55300 Elasticity in Aerospace Engineering
  • AAE 55800 Finite Element Methods in Aerospace Structures
  • AAE 60300 Theoretical Methods in Engineering Science I
  • AAE 60400 Theoretical Methods in Engineering Science II
  • PHYS 570Q Stochastic Processes in Physics
  • PHYS 60000 Methods of Theoretical Physics I
  • PHYS 60100 Methods of Theoretical Physics II

These courses are NOT allowed on the Plan of Study to satsify the Math requirement:

  • ME 56200 Kinematics
  • ME 57900 Fourier Methods in Digital Signal Processing
  • MSE 69700 Atomistic view of materials: Modeling & Simulations
  • STAT 50100 Experimental Statistics I
  • STAT 51300 Statistical Quality Control



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